Friday 3 July 2020

How Does Beauty Pie work? I’ll explain...

One of the main questions I was asked most after posting my product purchases on my Instagram grid and stories is "how does Beauty Pie work?". Seemingly a few people are confused by the concept which has lead to questions of affordability, is it worth it, how you buy stuff and what do I need.

How Does Beauty Pie work? I’ll explain...

Admittedly I felt like there had been an explosion of posts across my social media channels of everyone being part of Beauty Pie, pretty much every grid square has bloggers, friends and friends of friends all claiming it was amazing and how much I needed it. However, as with all things popular, I took a step back to see how many of these people remained convinced this was an amazing service, I even asked the same questions you are all asking me, then I decided to just go for it! 


This post is not in any way sponsored by Beauty Pie, the opinions are all my own based on my experience and I pay for my own subscription.

Beauty Pie’s mantra is that they offer “luxury skincare and beauty products without the luxury prices” and essentially because they are online only, don’t have celebrity endorsements, don’t rely on product markups by retailers, they can do exactly this.   As well as Makeup and Skincare, Beauty Pie also offer fragrances, candles and a few giftsets too.

What is BeautyPie?

To all intents and purposes, Beauty Pie is a subscription service for which you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to access all the products they have to offer. Much like Netflix or Amazon Prime, by paying a subscription fee, you get benefits that those who are not members do not - case in point is Amazon Prime. So Beauty Pie is essentially the same, but how it works is a little more tricky.  In fact, I paid my fee, got a tad carried away filling my cart and then got confused at that checkout, emptied my cart and possibly repeated the process a few times before I got how it worked.  

For me, the downside of Beauty Pie is how the service works from paying your membership fee to picking your products and then checking out is something that could and should be explained better than it is, but hopefully my own experience will do that for you. They do have their own blog which explains some of the insights, in-depth information about products and a few Q&A offerings too.

How Beauty Pie Works:

As I mentioned, Beauty Pie is a membership service and that membership gives you the chance to buy products at “members prices” and I’m going to write how that works as simply as I can. 

1. Choosing a membership - The first stage of becoming a member is to choose a membership with a monthly fee. The monthly fee is charged whether or not you use your spending limit. Prices per month start as low as £5 and rise upwards to £99 per year. So picking the service which is best for you is important.  

With your membership subscription comes a limit as to how much you can “spend” during that month. If you don’t use all of your spend then it rolls over to the next month and if you find your spend isn’t high enough you can upgrade your subscription level and if you find it too much, you can reduce it. 

Here is a screenshot of what the monthly memberships cost and how much your spending limit is: 

How Does Beauty Pie work? I’ll explain...

So there are some extra benefits depending on your level of membership and obviously, if you opt to pay £99 for the year, then you have three rewards that the other levels do not, these are shown by the star next to that reward.

2. How the £100 Spend Works - I started with the £10/mo membership which gave me a £100 spend for the first month plus a bonus £100. So during my first month as a member, I had £200 to spend.

However and this is where you need to pay attention to how it works to use that spend. So, £200 might sound like a lot because it is a lot, I was worried as to how much £200 worth of products would look if I was being promised items which cost as low as £4! But it is a little more complicated than that.

Beauty Pie estimates how much a product would be on the high-street which is referred to as a “typical spend”. So again I’ve screenshot an example of the typical price v’s the Beauty Pie price.

How Does Beauty Pie work? I’ll explain...

As you can see, there is quite a difference in price, in this case, £34.23. This is how Beauty Pie sell their luxury products without the luxury prices. 

3. Happy Shopping - A product I had heard a lot about is the Super Healthy Hair Detox Wash Shampoo which Beauty Pie claim typically costs £25 and as a member it is priced at £6.31. So when you add that to your cart the £25 comes off your £200 monthly spend limit and when you check out you only pay £6.31.  Still with me?

To break it down further, of my £200 spend limit, remember I was given a bonus of £100 in my first month, I bought the following items:

How Does Beauty Pie work? I’ll explain...

So, instead of spending £140 I actually spent £32.54 which Beautypie estimates saved me £107.46 and then on top of that there is the cost of postage and packaging. I still have money left to roll-over to next month and whilst there are a few more products I want to try, I think the £100 spend is more than enough for me.

Is Beautypie worth it?

Absolutely yes it is. But naturally, you have to work out which products will work best for you. I also think that, as with my own experience, your own will come with some trial and error getting used to the site and then finding the products that work for you, but that really is no different to going to Boots and buying a 3 for 2 deal only to find because your best friend loves it, you hate it. 

You will have to commit to the membership which is for a minimum of 3 months and I believe in that time you will find some absolute must-have products that you can’t be without whilst st the same time, be daring enough to try a product you like the sound of. For me, those are both the reasons I was drawn in. 

So yes I am happy to report that Beauty Pie is not a scam, parts of it could and should be explained in simpler terms to how they currently are,  but if you do have further questions, then please message me here or on social media and I will do my best to answer them.

I am intending to review my purchases on another post but if you have decided to give BeautyPie a try then Every person who uses Beauty Pie can get a referral code and if you use mine, or anyone’s, you can get your first month of membership fees for free and that existing member gets a top-up credit to their account. So if I have convinced you to try it... hopefully that will help!

Have you joined Beauty Pie yet?

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