Friday, 24 July 2020

5 Decorating Pet Peeves

When we/ read I decided that we needed to do a little DIY which started with the changing of a few door handles to the hanging of some photographs which I had framed, it then became a whole task of choosing paint for the lounge, a radiator cover, a new wardrobe for the bedroom - though still no new bed! 
5 Decorating Pet Peeves
Whilst we are lucky enough that the solid wood flooring we have doesn’t need to be changed, though the carpet does as the wear and tear is much worse than we had hoped, so another task for the ever growing list of DIY to do! I only wish that we could just sand and varnish the floor, but being leasehold it states we must have a carpet.

With all this decorating in mind, which I might add is not one of my favourite things at all, I thought I would share what I think are the worst jobs - by that, I mean worse than ironing clothes!

1 - Glossing.  Why does gloss paint have to be just awful? I have the skirting boards, doors and door frames x 2 to do and it is literally the worst painting job to have to do as far as I am concerned.

2 - Brush Strokes - A huge pet peeve of mine. When we moved into our home, the previous owners decided in their wisdom to paint every wall  a bright almost luminous yellow, it was hard on the eyes and you can see every single brush stroke. So we painted each room, which took a lot of paint and a lot of hours to not only hide the yellow, but to also hide the big thick brush strokes.

3 - Ceilings - I am only 5ft 6", I cannot paint a ceiling without having to stand on a ladder, so it is a bit of a faff to do.

4 - Masking Tape - There is always something somewhere that you forget needs to be taped up, but by the time you realise you have usually run out of the blooming stuff. Happens to me every single time, even if I buy a spare roll!

5 - Moving everything - Probably should be up at number one with glossing, but moving furniture and applying dust sheets is another part of decorating that I hate. 

Is there anything I like about decorating? Well ideally I would pay someone else to come and do it whilst I spend a few days in a hotel sleeping and reading a book, but apparently that is not fun!  

Do you like decorating?

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