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4 Things to Know When Buying a Hair Brush

4 Things to know when buying a hair brush
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A hair brush is an essential tool when you want to groom yourself. This is because it enables you to straighten hair strands without breaking them, especially if they are already entangled. It’s actually the secret to donning beautiful curls. In fact, styling your hair is supposed to be fun and easy when you are armed with the right brush. And since sharing brushes is not healthy, it’s always a good idea you buy your own to minimize the chances of spreading bacteria such as dandruff that might end up damaging your hair.  On the other hand, buying the right brush is easier said than done. In fact, most people settle for the first brush they see when they visit a store. Here is a list of considerations that you should make when shopping for Spornette Hair Brushes.

1. Brushes come in Various Shapes - If you ask most people, they will tell you that all brushes are the same. The truth is that brushes come in various shapes which also determines when they should be used. Lest you forget, a comb can never replace a brush and vice versa. The most common type of brush is known as boar bristle brush. And just like the name suggests, the brush comes with bristles that have smooth tips. This design helps in ensuring that they don’t break into delicate hair strands. A vented brush is also made to look like a boar only that it’s bristles are widely spaced. This is done to aerate the hair strands to prevent entanglement. The brush also has open gaps at the back. Then there are those that are round in shape. These ones are ideal for setting long hair.

2. Bristles are your Friend - The experience you get after using a hair brush is usually determined by the bristles. In fact, the bristles are the ones that let you know to replace an old brush. There are actually brushes that come with either metallic, plastic or wooden material. The advantage of using a brush is that it can last for many years without calling for replacement. It’s also important you confirm that the brush is made from stainless steel. Wooden brushes should only be used on short hair as they can break easily. On the other hand, plastic bristles rock the most because they are strong enough to withstand an entangled hair.

3. Never Ignore the Handle - If you are like most people, you obviously look at the bristles of a brush and ignore the handle. Opting for a brush that has a smooth handle is a huge mistake. This is because you will have to hold the brush firmly when setting your hair to prevent the brush from slipping out of your hands.  You can avoid such time wasting instances by picking a brush that has a rugged handle. Such a brush can never slip even if your hands are wet or oily.

4.  Bigger is Always Better - This one is needless to say. A brush that has a bigger length is always much better than a smaller type. This is because it helps in ensuring that you finish setting your hair within the shortest time possible as you are able to cover a large area in a single stroke. Smaller combs should only be used when you only want to style a small part of your hair such as the side or the front.

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