Sunday, 28 June 2020

'How Best To Deal With The Extreme Heat This Summer'

In recent weeks, we’ve had to deal with some of the most beautiful weather. In the UK, we don’t really get to enjoy extended periods of sunshine and humidity. We might get a few hours of sun, but then the clouds come back, and it becomes nearly freezing cold again. Sure, that will probably happen again soon enough, but right now, we’re in the midst of some pretty decent days! Summer is only just beginning, so you can expect this kind of climate to continue for at least a couple of months if you’re a UK resident! Good for you!

As someone that isn’t used to amazing weather in their home country, you might not be completely aware of how to take care of yourself and make the most of extremely hot temperatures. You probably know the basics, but, like most people, you probably still commit a few errors resulting in burning or some form of discomfort. We all get a little carried away when the lovely weather shows its face, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of – we’re all flawed humans, after all. 

So what can you do in order to keep safe and to deal with the most extreme days this year will have to offer? Fortunately, there’s no tough and ultra-secret formula to it – it’s actually just a case of repeatedly doing a few simple things. Here are seven points for you to heed:

Be Sure To Use Lots Of Sun Cream 
This absolutely goes without saying, but many people just don’t like the idea of doing it. They either dislike the process or the feeling, or they’ll be too lazy in the wonderful sun to take a couple of minutes out of their sunbathing. When you apply sun cream (or sunscreen), you’re quite literally saving yourself from both short-term and long-term health issues. We all know about the sunburn that the rays can give you, but we tend to neglect the idea that skin cancer and other serious skin conditions are prevalent in our species. Don’t be silly – cover up properly.

Drink Lots Of Water 
When you spend lots of time in the sun, you become very dehydrated, and your energy gets zapped from your systems. That’s why you need to make sure you keep yourself topped up with enough water. This is a basic task you need to do regardless of the weather, but it’s especially imperative during the really hot days. It may not seem like an important thing to do at first, but it becomes increasingly more obvious as the day gets on that you need fluids. It’s also wise to come prepared with some ibuprofen tablets or similar just in case you receive any outrageously bad headaches. Water is pretty boring, and lots of people can’t be bothered to drink it a lot of the time, but we’re made up of the stuff, so we need to keep refilling ourselves. 

Keep Your Pet(s) Safe
It’s not just you and your friends/family that have to deal with the heat; your furry friends also have to deal with it. Sure, some animals are completely fine in these kinds of climates, but many domestic pets struggle just as much as we do. Make sure you’re keeping them nice and cool during this entire summer – don’t neglect them for a second. Keep an eye on what they do. And, for goodness sake, do NOT leave them in your car while you run errands!

Eat Enough, Too!
You will obviously need to drink lots, but eating enough is also high on your list of priorities. You need to make sure you have all the energy in the world during these times – one moment, you could be fine; the next, you could be completely drained. It’s funny how your body tricks you like that. 

Do It With Friends!
This is a more light-hearted point, but still, one that should be said. When you’re around your friends and/or family, you’re in a much better headspace. When you’re in a better headspace, you tend to make better decisions – you also tend to have a better day overall. When you’re sitting on your own – even in the loveliest weather – it’s not quite the same. If you have the chance to be around your favourites, then take it – life is much better when you’re social. 

Take Appropriate Breaks! 
It’s tempting to stay out all day and get the best tan while enjoying the sun’s rays. If you have the endurance to do so, then, by all means, go right ahead. If you feel as though you need to go back indoors or sit in the shade for a little, then that’s also the right thing to do. You can’t be expected to immediately acclimatise to the new weather.

Have you got any tips on how to deal with the heat during the Summer?

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  1. I am hating the super hot heat, although love the cooler temperatures the last couple of days. As you know, my new cooler has changed my life haha! I think I'm in love with it xx


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