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Vinyl flooring for all occasions

Your home is no doubt the centre of all the biggest life events that go on over the years. When special occasions arrive, all we want to do is celebrate, be with family and have fun. However, that can be a challenge if you find yourself constantly worrying about cleaning up after any big event. 

Vinyl flooring for all occasions
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With the help of modern manufacturing technology, vinyl flooring can offer you peace of mind in this circumstance, so you can relax and treasure those special days.

Celebrations galore
In an economy where the price of a decent celebratory meal and drinks makes you think about taking out a loan, many people are opting to host their events at home. The problem is that fixtures and fittings can get damaged and sometimes that damage cannot be fixed. 

The best vinyl flooring will offer you multiple defence properties such as Scratch Guard technology and moisture resistance. Meaning that if your celebrations are likely to leave behind a mess of spilled food and drink, your flooring is the best place it could land. No liquids can seep into vinyl flooring and no marks from broken glass or crockery will be made. Breathe a sigh of relief and know that your flooring will be safe from your party guests.

Winding down
Another great use for vinyl flooring is to when you want to create a specific feng sui. For example, the bathroom can be made into your own Thai spa thanks to the luxurious vinyl textures of stone and wood, which when installed in a neutral colour will help to calm and soothe you at the end of a long hard day.

Family get togethers
During seasons such as Christmas, a cosier and more warming environment is more appealing that large open spaces. Luckily, vinyl flooring has plenty of oak vinyl planks which can immediately offer your space a feeling of togetherness. For the best way to make large spaces feel quainter, try oak in burgundy, mahogany, or a wine-red shade, all which will look brilliant under a Christmas tree or fairy lights.

What is even better is that if you have your family staying over the festive seasons, don’t worry about a noisy house because the layers of vinyl flooring work to soften the sound of the contact between the flooring and soles of shoes, so you can still enjoy a good night’s sleep after full day of company.

Make vinyl flooring a permanent guest in your home
As you can see vinyl flooring has a lot to offer, and it offers next to nothing in return. It’s cheaper than authentic woods, slate or stone and only needs a simple brush and mop to keep it looking brand new. The only problematic thing is where to start looking?

Amtico offers a fabulous selection of vinyl flooring which contains all the great features we have just explored. Signature Woods, Spacia and Abstract show true diversity in styling patterns and domestic flooring capabilities. Luvanto can deliver you the option to uniquely design your flooring using style patterns through their Parquet, Endure Pro and Click and Herringbone ranges.

From wedding receptions to a night in with your other half, vinyl flooring can set the mood for you and give you more time to enjoy the moment.

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