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Typology Fragrances and How To Layer Them

Fragrances fascinate me, I love learning about their journey, the notes that have been chosen and then with purchasing and wearing them, they often evoke a memory. Choosing a fragrance is a journey in itself, we all like different brands and within those brands different fragrance options, also in reverse, we all dislike fragrances and this can often be quite the talking point amongst friends.
Typology Fragrances and Layering
Typology Fragrances and Layering
From Typology, who I showcased on this blog just a few days ago, I was given two sample sets of vials, which each contained three of the fragrances available. The perfumer, from Typology has created different fragrance layering options with the Eaux de parfum which is designed to help you find the perfect personal scent. It is also worth noting that the alcohol in all of these fragrances is natural and comes from Beetroot!

The fragrances I have are:
  • Pamplemousse Petitgrain
  • Jasmin Neroli
  • Cèdre Vétiver
  • Sauge Romarin
  • Cyprès Genévrier
  • Yuzu Mandarine
Each one of these fragrances is just stunning on their own but paired with the right scent, it really has the wow factor.  I used the Typology examples of how to pair the fragrances as follows:

To create a fresh floral fragrance by combining the white floral notes of jasmine and mandarin with the fresh aromatic notes of cypress and juniper. So the idea is that you would use Jasmin Neroli and Cyprès Genévrier together by using one spritz of Jasmin Neroli and two of Cyprès Genévrier.  The Jasmin Neroli is by far my favourite vial of the six that I have, but when mixed with the Cyprès Genévrier it really comes to life and this could quite quickly become a fragrance I would purchase over and over again. It isn't too heavy, it is light, refreshing and beautifully floral.

If an Aromatic Floral is more your type of fragrance then you will need to combine Jasmin Neroli and Sauge Romarin which combines scents such as Rosemary and Sage. The advice again is to use two sprays of Jasmin Neroli and one spray of Sauge Romarin.  What these two scents do together is allow the floral to really be itself but with a slight hint of earthiness from the Sauge and Romarin, without being too heavy. They blend really well and lasts for such a long time on the skin.

Woody Aromas either work for me or they don't and I find they are so much better when they are layered in some way.  From Typology we have an array of options and I have picked my favourites.

The first choice is to use Cyprès Genévrier and Cèdre Vétiver and together they create a really fresh fragrance which is as Woody as it is Aromatic but at the same time without being heavy.  To create you need to use two sprays of Cèdre Vétiver and one spray of Cyprès Genévrier and then within a few seconds you can really get the sense of the strong cedar and Vetiver notes as it settles the Cypress and Juniper lift the whole scent.

Staying with Woody Aromas we have the use of Cyprès Genévrier and Yuzu Mandarin and I would have never thought to put these two together. Again with two spritzes of Cyprès Genévrier and then just one of the Yuzu Mandarin, what you have is an aroma which is quite zesty whilst also being woody, something I would expect to be a strange mixture, but it is light enough to be a great Spring fragrance and one that leaves a trail as you walk.

Depending on how daring you want to be with your fragrances, and I admit I do like to play around with layering, you can use three of these together. Today I am wearing Cèdre Vétiver, Jasmin Neroli and Pamplemousse Petitgrain as a trio, again as suggested from the Typology website and if these three could become one, then I am lusting after it.  To create, again you need to use one spray of Cèdre Vétiver, two sprays of Jasmin Néroli and then one spray of Pamplemousse Petitgrain. Together the sweet notes of grapefruit and the floral notes of jasmine and neroli come together and create a sweet floral which doesn't have that awful headache-inducing note that vanilla creates, this for me is a way around having to use it. As the three fragrances settle, there is a slight wood note that comes to life and it is just a lovely fragrance combination, perfect for a Summers day.

I just love that these six fragrances offer endless opportunities to create your own signature scent as well as the brand giving you guidance on how to layer with a brief guide to follow.
          Do any of these fragrance mixes stand out to you?

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  1. I love little sets like this - Jasmine Neroli and Vetiver stand out to me x


  2. What a great idea - love this. Not a fan of woody scents. I like fresh and green fragrances or exotic ones. I would like to try all of these to see what I could create.

  3. I've never layered fragrances but it seems like such a cool way to get your ideal scent x

  4. I've never layered my fragrances before bur I love the idea, as it means you can have different scents for different occasions, some lighter and perhaps some more intense and passionate. How fabulous. Mich x

  5. I have never heard of this brand before, but they sound lovely and a nice idea to create a custom fragrance! Their branding is nice too xo

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