Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The Perfume Shop’s new range, ME

A few months ago I was invited along to the launch of “ME” the new range of fragrances from The Perfume Shop.  
The Perfume Shop’s new range, ME
Me consists of a new range of perfumes, home fragrances and body care products that through the power of fragrance helps you feel Tranquil, Invigorated and Empowered.
“Today we hear a lot about improving ourselves, being the best we can be, and optimising every element of our life. That’s all great, but what if we wanted to take a little time out and ask isn’t it time we were all #HappyBeingMe”
The campaign and the timely launch of these products are all about celebrating the way you feel and your moods. The range is vegan, cruelty-free and is presented in completely recyclable packaging.

Of the three ranges available, I was given a mixture of the fragrances and products. Each of the scents for each range is said to distinctive and individual and within each range, you can find - an Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion, Hand Lotion, Hand Wash, candle, reed diffuser and a shower gel. 

From the Tranquil range, I have the EDP, a unisex fragrance which comes packaged in a hefty weighted clear glass bottle with the name Granquil written clearly in the mint green colour matching the box and it features a wooden lid. 
The Perfume Shop’s new range, ME
Tranquil as a range asks you to find peace and serenity with the fresh, green scent.

“The perfect spring floral green scent with a basil top note, a middle note of neroli and base notes of Vetiver and white musk”

As soon as the scent is spritzed they earthiness of the basil top note is immediately recognisable as it settles and it works well with Vetiver but the scent of Neroli which is a citrusy orange fragrance gives this EDP a kick. Priced at £14.99 for 100ml this makes a really good gift.

From the Invigorated range I have the Reed Diffuser and the body lotion and both products are simply divine.
The Perfume Shop’s new range, ME
The Perfume Shop’s new range, ME
The Invigorated range is described as being on which helps you feel awake and energised with the fresh and floral scents.

“A fresh, fruity-floral scent with a distinctive top note of blackberry, middle notes of bay leaves and a base note of cedarwood”

Looking at the notes for this range it definitely reminds me of Jo Malone and the scent itself is not too dissimilar, for me, it is slightly stronger on the blackberry note but with the inclusion of cedarwood which has a Woody tone to it, it gives the fragrance a more balanced scent.

The reed diffuser is quite potent, I have mine in the hallway and it is a scent you notice as soon as you enter the house. The body lotion is lightweight on the skin but it is also hydrating without being tacky or greasy when applied. 

Finally from the Empowered range, I have the fragranced candle and the soap.
The Perfume Shop’s new range, ME
The Perfume Shop’s new range, ME
Empowered is described as helping you to conquer the day with its revitalising blend of zesty citrus and aromatic notes:

“A citrus aromatic scent with top notes of lime, mandarin, orange and bergamot. Middle notes of basil, lilac, iris and thyme with base notes of Vetiver and amber wood.

This is my favourite scent of the three and there is something unique about it. I love the sharpness of the citrus notes which are not too strong but definitely noticeable against the earthy tones of the basil, Vetiver and to some extent amber wood. 

The entire ME range is on sale via The Perfume Shop with prices starting at £5.99 right up to the £14.99 price of the Eau de Parfum. 

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  1. The prices are really good! I love the sound of Tranquil and am all about diffusers at the moment! x


  2. I love the sound of the empowered scent as I'm a huge fan of citrus and fruity scents so this sounds lovely x

  3. I love a good cruelty free recommendation so I'll have to check these out <3

    Claire, G is for Gingers

  4. Oh wow they look lovely! Such good prices!


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