Thursday, 28 May 2020

Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun Eau De Parfum

Working from home might mean I am not wearing office attire every single day, but I am still functioning as a human being and getting dressed as though I am going to work, even though that means moving from the bed to the sofa with my laptop.  One product I wear daily is perfume, it is almost a robotic action after getting dressed and completing my skincare routine.  New to my collection is a fragrance I had never come across until it was kindly sent to me and I absolutely adore it. Meet Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun.
Laboratorio Offattivo Nun Eau De Parfum
Laboratorio Olfattivo was born in 2009 when Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago’s love for niche perfumes. Fast forward to 2020 and there is now a collection of Eau de Parfum, Room Fragrances, soaps, sample kits, toiletry collections and more besides.

Like all fragrances, they are created to tell a story, usually through their notes and brand history. This one is no different.  
By this palindrome word, the Ancient Egyptian meant the primordial water, in other words the God Nun. According to the legend, this water gave birth to the Lotus, a flower which was used to hide into the water during the night, to open up again at the sunshine. While blossoming out the flower revealed the Sun God Atum. Hence the symbolism of the Sun God, of rebirth.
This fragrance arises from the Nun and opens up at the sunshine, while its scented molecules spread out into the air. It’s a tribute to this iconic, symbolic flower.
Now if that isn't a story behind a fragrance then I don't know what is. It opens with a real burst of citrus notes - Pear, Bergamot, Lemon and Neroli which individually are quite dominant notes but together, the pear brings about sweetness and allows the heart notes of blossoming lotus, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang to come into their own. I love a fragrance which has Jasmine as a note, I can guarantee that 90% of my perfume collection is jasmine based as it just works with my skin oils so well. The heart notes are floral notes, they don't allow the top notes to dominate and instead, as the fragrance settles, the base notes of Woods, Amber, and Musk give the fragrance a fresh earthy scent which is just beautiful.
Laboratorio Offattivo Nun Eau De Parfum
Laboratorio Offattivo Nun Eau De Parfum
On this skin, this is a fragrance which lasts all day, by that I mean I apply it around 8am and I can still catch its scent around 5pm, though not as strong as it was after application. If I was going out of an evening, then I would re-apply.

I love everything about this fragrance from the outer box packaging to the luxurious bottle with the stylish label to the actual scent itself. Perfect for these warmer days and a definite fragrance for uplifting the mood.

Priced at £90 for 100ml, you can find Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun Eau De Parfum 
at Liberty.

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  1. It sounmds like a really lovely scent

  2. Bergamot, lemon and neroli are three of my favourite scents! This sounds divine! X

  3. This sounds like a lovely mix of scents, and great story behind the fragrance too.

  4. It sounds so beautiful, I need to start wearing perfume again. I love it when I can smell it on someone but always forget to put on myself

  5. It sounds beautiful! Really lovely :)


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