Friday, 17 April 2020

The Pet Empire - District 70 Scratching Furniture Sardine Tin

If you are a regular reader or follow me on Instagram, you will be aware that I am a crazy cat lady and my boys are everything to me. Treated as tiny humans, spoilt and adored, my boys want for absolutely nothing, including cuddles and playtime at 4am if they so wish. When The Pet Empire got in touch to ask if I would like to choose a new toy for them to play with, I was lost for choice and eventually settled on the District70 Scratching Furniture Sardine Tin. 
The Pet Empire is no ordinary online pet store, it offers exclusive luxury dog and cat accessories and furniture and they offer some of the most beautiful items I have ever seen. For dogs, there are as many luxuries as there are for cats - luxury dog beds including the most beautiful accessories I have seen.  The website is really well laid out so you can choose what it is you are looking for with items such as Orthopedic beds, toys and even litter trays which are incredibly stylish.  You can also search for items by brand and they include the likes of Kotty, District 70 and Halycon Home to name a few.

Anyone who has a cat for a pet will have undoubtedly purchased a scratching post at some point from their local pet shop and whilst they all come in all shapes and sizes, this one is the best one we have ever owned. Whenever we buy something new for the boys, you can never tell whether or not it is going to be something they are 'in to' for example, on Facebook we saw a lot of videos with cats loving a plush cat bed, thinking mine would also love it, but no, one sniff and it didn't meet their expectations, so it will now be gifted to our local cat charity.

The District70 Scratching Furniture Sardine Tin (€59,00/£52)  is the perfect combination between a shelter and a scratching post. Cat's absolutely love cardboard, as soon as a box appears, no matter the size, they will find a way of fitting in to it and there is something about a box which offers security and the feeling of being safe to cats. Cat's also love scratching things, in part to keep their claws in good condition, to mark their territory and boredom and curiosity also play their part, combine the two things together and you are on to a winner.
As you can see, it proved to be a big hit with Hector who didn't let me finish removing the wrapping before getting himself acquainted with this new Scratching Tin. Made from the recycled corrugated cardboard, this product is also free from odours and toxic adhesives, something to think about when purchasing any toy for your pet is whether or not it safe for them to play with.

This Scratching Sardine Tin is incredibly sturdy and really well made, both of my boys can either sleep on top of it or inside it, though it definitely won't be something they share.  
The Pet Empire - District 70 Scratching Furniture Sardine Tin

The Pet Empire - District 70 Scratching Furniture Sardine Tin
I love that it has that unique appearance as looking like a can of sardines, the attention to detail is really impressive. It measures 60 x 30 x 30cm and has an opening on both sides of the product, so it doesn't necessarily need to be flat against any wall.  This product is also available in black if that suits your home aesthetic more than the white option and shipping costs around £5.

I absolutely love this product, not as much as my two boys do, but it is definitely something we would purchase again should the need arise that we have to have two products. For now, my doors are seemingly safe from being scratched to pieces whilst this keeps both of them occupied and active.

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  1. Ooh I could imagine that my cats would love this!! x


  2. It is adorable and yes, cats can be really picky when it comes to what you buy them: cat food, toys and scratching posts are notoriously forgotten in favour of sofas and other items we don't want them ruining. I have trouble writing now, as my cat decided walking around my face as I'm typing is the best thing to do right now.

  3. Ohb my goodness, your cats are adorable. I love the one where he is scratching his hea inside the sardine tin. I could see my boy loving this as well and he needs a new bed, so..... Mich x

  4. This sounds great, and it really does look like a sardine tin. Just glad to hear it doesn't smell of sardines!

  5. Oooh the tin box for a cat looks so cool, haha. This is the irony because cats love fish and they are literally sleeping in the sardine tin. Thanks for sharing this cool piece!

    Nancy ♥

  6. I just wanted to let you know that my mum has ordered one of these for her rescue kitty who looks just like your cat in this photo, we went for the grey option!

    Jenny x


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