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Roccabox - The Zodiac Edit Limited Edition Box

When this Limited Edition Roccabox landed on my doorstep, I was quite keen to see what was inside, as I knew there was to be a surprise Limited Edition box.  I was asked what sign I was, to which the answer I gave is Water.
Roccabox - The Zodiac Edit Limited Edition Box
The other boxes within this collection are Earth, Fire and Air and like this Water Edition, all feature some amazing products.
"Passionate, intuitive and sensitive, Water signs are deeply attuned to the waves of their own emotions and those of the ones around them. Often known as the healing force, Water signs are acutely emotionally intuitive and show great compassion and warmth in relationships. 
This zodiac edit focuses on ingredients with naturally occurring healing properties, vibrant colour palettes and captivating, radiance-enhancing products to reflect the artistic, romantic nature of the Water Sign".
Within this box, there is five beauty related products and an extra treat and as a box, it is really well thought out and planned and most definitely had my attention.  The first item that you can't help but notice is from The Beauty Crop with the Stargazing Eyeshadow Palette (£20).
Featuring 12 velvety and highly pigmented jewel tones shades, all of which have been inspired by the Milky Way and far away galaxies, so you will find names such as Neptune, Halo and Orion. With three different finishes - matte, metallic and glitter they are formulated without mineral oil and instead use Jojoba and Coconut Oil.

We all love a good highlighter and you can never have too many, so within this box from In Your Dreams is the Glitter Highlighter Cream in shade Deja Vu.
Roccabox - The Zodiac Edit Limited Edition Box
The cream formula of this highlighter comes with a really subtle hint of glitter and it is a buildable shade, so depending on the coverage you want, depends how much you can keep applying.  As well as using on your cheeks and brow bone, it can also be used on the lips and eyes too.

Two products from Vitamasques within this box but two different things entirely.  The first is the Hydroglow Cream in 'Rose Gold'.
Roccabox - The Zodiac Edit Limited Edition Box
Described as being a 2-in-1 daily moisturiser and primer, Hydroglow Cream comes with illuminating gold extracts.  As well as giving your skin that beautiful glow, it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl Powder and Vitamin C which together moisturise, hydrate and illuminate and it can be worn alone or underneath makeup.

The second Vitamasque product is the Gemstone Sheet Mask in Sapphire and it is no ordinary mask.
Roccabox - The Zodiac Edit Limited Edition Box
Designed to provoke serenity through skincare, this mask contains sapphire stone powder and lavender oil to promote that relaxation as well as to hydrate and repair. It also uses the natural extract of blueberry for helping collagen production, violet flowers for hydration and coming together these ingredients combine to create what is referred to as a 'multi-sensory' skin therapy experience.

The final product within this box is the Melusine Paris Magic Jade Roller and I was chuffed to see this in the box as mine has seemingly grown a pair of legs and wandered off.
Roccabox - The Zodiac Edit Limited Edition Box
As you might be aware, the Jade stone is one which soothes the mind and body whilst bringing peace and tranquillity to its user.  The Jade facial roller helps to reduce pores, dark circles and fine lines as well as boosting circulation and collagen production.  Jade is also renowned as a healing stone and daily use encourages lymphatic drainage which draws out toxins from the skin, boosting our natural detoxification process. 

The treat that I mentioned at the beginning of this post within this box is a product, which if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me mention on stories quite a lot.
Roccabox - The Zodiac Edit Limited Edition Box
From Horlicks, we have the hot malty goodness in a drink, but it is the chocolate version and I absolutely love it. Enriched with vitamins and minerals it is incredibly comforting and a great drink to have before bed.

This box and the rest of the collection are still available from Roccabox and if you like the look of it or the monthly boxes which I also share. Roccabox is a subscription service and there are further subscription offers available to choose from with boxes starting at just £10 per month plus P&P.

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  1. I love the sound of the Vitamasques! x

  2. The palette has some stunning shades in! x

  3. I've only ever heard of Vitamasques, but I love the look of that little jade roller! It's so cute! And how cute that you got Horlicks too xo

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