Friday, 24 April 2020

Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush

Since having my hair cut, styling my hair has been an absolute joy, beforehand it would be knotty and despite washing and conditioning, it would never sit right or feel right. Now, with my new 'do, I have been able to try a whole host of new hair products and the latest product to arrive, the Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush (£79.99).
Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush
Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush

As someone who absolutely adores my hair straighteners and who has tried quite a few different styling brushes, never did I expect to find someone I use as much as I use this. It comes with the tagline - "Bringing Salon worthy hair to the comfort of your home with Instyler" and this ceramic styling brush is described as delivering instant shiny, straight and smooth styles that last.  For me, I like that this brush isn't too heavy to hold, it glides through knots and tangles or did when I had longer hair and it doesn't create static - a huge bonus.

The brush features 65 powerful ceramic heated plates which are fixed to the base of the brush and because of their size, they get as close to the hair root as possible without burning your scalp and this is due to the ionic cool tip bristles, which as well as evenly distributing heat, don't burn the skin or fry your hair. There is the option to use four different heat settings with 150°C being the lowest and 230°C being the highest and ultimately, depending on your hair type, it is for you to decide which is best, I tend to sit around the middle temperature for my hair. Once the brush is plugged in and switched on, it takes around 5 seconds to heat up and then it is ready to use, you will notice that your heat setting buttons will flash until the brush is ready to use and then once it hits that required temperature, the flashes stop and the lights become static. 

Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush

Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush
Now the difference between this ceramic styling brush and any other that I have used is what Instyler call the Precision Press TM which has been designed to create tension which enhances your styling technique, in a nutshell, essentially the styling arm gives you more control when it comes to running the brush through your hair, so much so, that you can actually use the brush with one hand rather than two and it helps create that much straighter and glossier look.  I have shoulder length hair which is quite thick, so with straighteners, I have to section my hair into around 8 smaller sections to get the straightness I want, but with this brush, I can run it through much bigger sections of hair, so it saves me time and effort, especially in a morning when I am usually late to leave for work.

As a reminder of those key features:

  • 65 Ceramic Heated Plates to separate and smooth and style hair
  • Precision Press TM to create tension and enhance styling technique
  • Instant Heat
  • Cool Tip Bristles
  • Up to 215 Degrees
  • Suitable for use on human hair extensions
  • 3m swivel cord
To date it is the best straightening brush I have tried, I love that I can get close enough to my hairs roots to give them a bit of a lift rather than have them flat against my head, I like that I can touch the bristles without burning my fingers (or head) and because it doesn't fill my hair with static and frizz it also ticks those boxes too.

You can find the Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush via Boots and from Instyler as well where it is currently on offer with free shipping and 1/3 off the price.

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  1. I have this and haven't used it in ages - I need to dig it out again because it's brilliant! x


  2. Can I see some before and afters please?

  3. OK you've totally sold this to me! I need one in my life. I've never tried a straightening brush before like this, my frizzy hair would love it! xo

    Makeup Muddle

  4. I have this somewhere, need to get it out again x


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