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Making Room for Your Fashion & Beauty Stash

If you’re struggling to find space for clothes, make-up and other beauty or fashion products, chances are a lack of space is only half the problem. The other half is the way we use what room we have. When space is in short supply, using it effectively is even more important. 
Making Room for Your Fashion & Beauty Stash
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Storage and Display for make-up
Few beauty routines are complete without a little splash of colour from make-up. But even if you don’t like, or own, lots of foundations, eye colours, blushes and mascaras, chances are you’ll have favourite moisturisers, hair care products or bath and shower gels and creams.

If make-up is your thing, you’ll know how expensive it gets. And maybe you’re attracted to the packaging as well as the product. The cost makes everything worth keeping from a purely practical point of view, and the attractive colours and pretty boxes make the products worthy of display whether they’re being used or not. 

Creating display areas to show off your beauty products also has the advantage of keeping your collection together, making things much easier to find than rummaging in a bag or drawer. Try one or two of these display ideas:
  • Use letter racks for eye shadow palettes, especially the larger ones with multiple shade options.
  • Invest in a couple of magazine racks to hold hair styling gadgets such as straighteners or tongs, rollers or ties.
  • Keep your eye out for pretty mugs or small glass vases, both of which make excellent holders for eye pencils, liners, or mascara wands. Charity shops are treasure troves for unusual or vintage cups and vases that could be make-up display containers.
  • A rainbow of nail polishes looks appealing when displayed on a revolving cake stand.
  • Install a shelf close to or over your dressing table or make-up mirror for items you use most often.
Sort Out Your Wardrobe
Getting your wardrobe organised so you can see and find everything makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier, especially if you like putting separates together and adding matching accessories.
  • Tackle hanging clothes first. Arrange the hangers so all the short items are together and all the long clothes are together. This should leave plenty of accessible space underneath the shorter clothes. Here, you could pop a plastic tower drawer to hold undies, accessories or shoes.
  • Alternative wardrobe storage for shoes is a shoe rack at the bottom of the wardrobe. If you don’t have space for a purpose-made shoe rack, fashion your own with a couple of tension rods intended for lightweight curtains. Fix them at the bottom of the wardrobe a few inches apart with the back one higher than the one in front. Hook the heels over the back rod and let the sole of the shoe rest on the front rod. Tension rods are brilliant as they come in many sizes. You could even use one as a second hanging rail for light clothing.
  • Loop one end of a length of chain (bought from hardware or DIY shops), over a hanger and let the other end dangle down. Use the length of the chain to hang other hangers or S hooks so you have somewhere for bags, scarves, ties or necklaces.
A Seasonal Self Storage Option
There are now so many self storage units in London and elsewhere, that it’s become a go-to option for people who’ve discovered the seasonal storage method.

You can practically double your wardrobe space in one fell swoop when you remove everything that’s out of season. Putting all the stuff won’t need for the foreseeable future into self storage also means those items are not cluttering up other areas in the house.

When searching for a self storage facility, you will want to focus on how convenient it would be for you to access your personal belongings in terms of travel time, ease of access and schedule i.e. opening and closing times. One that is local to you is more than ideal and it's within reach of a five to ten minute ride by bus or car is golden. It's really a matter of practicality and convenience for example if you live in Greenwich it would be ideal to get a storage facility in Greenwhich, the same logic would be applied if you live in a place like in Bournemouth or wherever you may reside.    

There’s a hidden advantage to tucking things away in self storage. When you haven’t seen an item of clothing for a few months, chances are you’ll have forgotten it and it’ll feel new and fresh again. Also, if you’re not sure whether you want to keep something or get rid of it, putting it out of sight gives you some breathing space so you don’t have to make that decision. You’ll know, as soon as you get it out of storage, whether you’re glad you didn’t throw it away or if you really don’t want it anymore. 

You’re allowed to install drawers or hanging rails and shelves in self storage facilities, as long as everything is free standing. It’s easy to make a walk-in wardrobe for seasonal clothes you can swap out as the seasons change.

Making room for a fashion and beauty stash without slashing your collection in half can feel all but impossible. But it’s not, with a bit of lateral thinking and a few clever strategies.

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