Sunday, 29 March 2020

Home renovations - The Floors

Just before Christmas we had our bathroom fully renovated owing to a leak coming through the flat above ours and as it was something we had been intending to do for some time, this gave us a kick up the backside to actually get it done.  As always with home renovations, it comes with a whole host of issues and decisions that need to be taken.
Home renovations - The Floors
Home renovations - The Floors
One of the areas we struggled with choosing something for was the flooring, beforehand we had some cheap carpet which wasn't quite laminate but wasn't quite a rug either, it did, however, look like floor tiles.  So I looked around for some different samples - laminate, wood, LVT and tiles and in the end opted for tiles which ended up being a light grey with grey grouting between them.  

We do have one outstanding issue that needs to be rectified and it is the hallway flooring. At present we have managed to fix part of the flooring which was damaged during the leak with some leftover laminate flooring that I managed to find hidden in a cupboard, the flooring in all rooms was one which was either installed or laid before we moved in. We have however decided that we will be looking to change the flooring in the hallway and the lounge, workmen cause dirt and dust and some stains are irreversible.  For the hallway, the current favourite is to choose wood flooring as it offers more insulation and will be hardwearing enough for the cats wh seemingly like to go skidding across the floors when having a game of chase.  

For the lounge, what was a light beige coloured carpet will need changing entirely as I can see the footprints from where someone walked across it after the hallway floor had been varnished - so needless to say, it drives me mad and other than purchasing an extra-large rug to try and cover as much of the current carper as possible, for the time being, it stays as it is.

Have you bought a new rug, carpet, flooring lately? Do you have any advice on what to choose, best colours?

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  1. Your new bathroom looks fab! I think tiles always work best in there. It's funny, when you do one room, it makes others look shabby so you then get the urge to do those too! x



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