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GO2 Inhaler Sticks

Everyday life can be stressful, it can be hard work and there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that life has been tough of late.  I have been learning how to use the power of smells and scents to change my mood and there are a few products which I have loved using, the first being these Go2 Inhaler Sticks and if you read my tips on getting a better nights sleep, you have noticed the inclusion of one right there.
GO2 Inhaler Sticks
Go2 Inhaler sticks are the brainchild of brothers Marc and Benjamin Shipman and are the first UK-based company to launch 100% natural essential oil inhaler sticks to the UK market.  I have always been fascinated by Essential Oils and their properties, wanting to know what they do, why they do it and what works best for which reason as well as knowing how to use them to the best of their ability.

Essential Oils can help you relax, deal with cramps, help with the symptoms of PMT, help with sleep, aches, focus and stress. So finding a product such as an inhaler stick has absolutely fascinated me since I came to have to them to try out and use. They came about when Marc found juggling life too much and what started out as small internal worries soon manifested themselves into stress-related anxiety, which in turn led to poor sleep and a lack of energy.  Having tried different routines and activities, it wasn't until the suggestion of essential oils was mooted to Marc that the idea of Inhaler sticks came about and wanting to ensure it wasn't a placebo effect, he spent over two years researching, trialling and testing. So, with all of that in place Inhaler sticks were born and they are not only affordable but also accessible at £3.99 each.
GO2 Inhaler Sticks
Why Essential Oils? When inhaled, the olfactory receptors in your nose are activated, once activated they send signals to the higher regions of the brain, the neocortex and the limbic system and it is the limbic system that then sends messages to the hypothalamus which in turn sends messages around the body.   The benefits of essential oils aren't something new, they have been known for 6000 years but thanks to today's use of science, those benefits are now proven. Essential oils come from plants and they create both the flavour and fragrance of that plant and it is how those oils are extracted to create a product which is important - cold-pressed, with water or by using steam distillation will determine the quality and purity.

There is essentially three ways to benefit from essential oil usage - through your skin, internally via your digestive system or aromatically such as Inhaler sticks.  When inhaling one of the GO2 blends, odour molecules are released and the olfactory receptors in our nose are activated and it is these different odour molecules which result in different messages being sent.  The GO2 essential oil blends are uniquely formulated to maximise the response for each described mood and with that, we have B.Calm, Sleep, Energy and Focus.
GO2 Inhaler Sticks
Each of the GO2 Inhaler sticks is packaged in bright colours so that you can see which one of which and each outer packaging gives details as to what the stick is for, how to use it and what essential oils it uses.
  • Helping to boost your performance we have Energy. This stick which is recognisable from its bright red packaging is designed to support performance, be it with work, life, sports or just generally.  Made from 100% natural oils, this blend uses Eucalyptus which is uplifting and help promote clear breathing, Peppermint which helps to stimulate and aid focus before finally Lemongrass which helps to combat feelings of fatigue.
  • Helping with focus is the Inhaler stick called Focus.  This stick which is packaged in bright blue is said to help with focus and concentration. Whether you are sitting in front of a computer, studying or just need to be completely focused on your task in hand, this is the stick for you. Using Rosemary which supports memory function, Peppermint which is stimulating and aids focus and then we have Lime which is uplifting for both the body and the mind.
  • Helping to promote inner peace we have B.Calm.  With its baby blue packaging, B.Calm is said to help promote inner peace in those times when you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or simply just need a break. The essential oils included within B.Calm are Cardamom which promotes the feeling of calmness and warmth, Lavender which is relaxing and soothing for both the body and mind, Bergamot which helps to promote inner calm and finally Sweet Orange which is deeply relaxing and works to promote well-being.
  • The final stick is one I featured within my sleep post and it is called Sleep. Designed to help promote your quality of sleep, assisting to help give you a deeper and better sleep, this inhaler stick uses Lavender which is relaxing to the body and mind, Red Mandarin which helps support a restful sleep before Frankincense, which helps to promote a sense of inner peace and contentment.

Right now, whilst I have tried each and every one of these Inhaler sticks, I have found to be of most use is Focus because it works the best for what I need because I have just been in the middle of a huge work project and needing to just sit there and work my way through an Excel spreadsheet of doom is something I've had to get on with, so knowing that I can use Focus has been a huge help.

These GO2 Inhaler Sticks are priced at £3.99 each and can be found via Amazon or the Go2 website.

The GO2 essential oil blends are uniquely formulated to maximise the response for each described mood and with that, we have B.Calm, Sleep, Energy and Focus.

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  1. I really like these inhaler sticks! They're so small, but so effective! xo

  2. I think these sound brilliant and it is such a good price point. I didn't realise they contained essetial oils, they make it really easy. I want to try the focus one for sure. Mich x

  3. These sound really interesting and great to have with you for whenever you need the relevant inhaler. Not too expensive either, I did think that they would be around the £10 mark.

  4. Thank you so much for this post, I have bought B.Calm and Focus on your recommendation!
    Kelly (long time reader)

  5. I saw your post on these Yesterday and went out to my local Holland and Barrett and am going to give Sleep a try to see if it helps me.

    Angela x


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