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Kit Stars Makeup Brushes

I absolutely love makeup brushes and have quite a few within my stash from a variety of brands. The newest additions to my collection are from the Kit Stars Makeup Brush range which is priced between £6 rising up to £60 for a full brush kit here on Beauty Chamber. I have featured the Kit Stars brush bag on my blog in the past and it is something I still use a lot.
Kit Stars Makeup Brushes

Kit Stars is on a mission to give people luxurious, high-end makeup brushes, without the jaw-dropping price tag. Hand-made by master crafters, the Kit Stars brushes are driven by shape, movement and makeup texture to ensure the best finish. The ferrules are made from solid copper, then layered with gold plate, giving extremely strong brushes which last. It also provides a satisfying weight to the brush. The wooden handles are coated with glossy black lacquer, meaning the brushes look stunning as well as delivering stunning makeup looks.

With a total of 17 Kit Star brushes to choose from, I was kindly sent both the Face and Eye brush sets before Christmas and I have been using them ever since. Packaged in a set of luxurious matte black cardboard boxes which feature gold metallic detailing, each brush comes with a netted guard to ensure the bristles are protected and kept in shape.  The bristles of each brush, depending on your preference come with either synthetic bristles or natural bristles.

With the Eye Brush Kit, there is a selection of 5 brushes and there is every brush you need for the task in hand.
Kit Stars Makeup Brushes
Those brushes are:

  • S30 Small Tapered Blender - This brush has been designed with the perfect shape for adding definition and contour shades through the crease line. The slim design allows for greater detailed blending out.
  • S31 Tapered Blender - This Tapered Blender Brush has been designed with the perfect shape for adding definition and blending transition shades through the crease line. Buff and blend your colour out to perfection.
  • S32 Shader- This brush provides for the control of colour placement and will evenly distribute your eye shadow. This paddle shaped brush will help pack on the pigment where needed.
  • S33 Micro Pencil - Use for precision application of tear duct highlight, softening gel liner and pencil. It also doubles up as a precision spot concealer.
  • S41 Short Angle - Described as being a firm but flexible short angle brush that will shape a defined brow. Use the flat edge of the brush to sketch a shape & the tip of the brush for realistic hair strokes.
Each one of these brushes comes with its role to play and for the price you pay for each brush individually or the kit as a whole, it is incredible value for money.

The essential 5 piece Vegan Face Brush Set from Kit Stars includes all the brushes that you need for applying foundation, blusher, contouring, highlighting, powder application and lip products.  
Kit Stars Makeup Brushes
Those brushes are:

  • S1 Powder Brush - The powder Brush is a large super soft powder brush which will disperse pressed or loose powder products evenly. Ideal for applying setting powder and whisking away excess powder after beauty sponge or puff powder product application.
  • S2 Shaping Veil - This is my favourite brush and it has been crafted into a softly tapered tip for contouring and sculpting your features. Shaping Veil is a multi-tasking brush which can be used for applying powder contour and highlighting products.
  • S3 Blush - This Blush Brush has been designed with the perfect shape to hug your cheekbones providing a flattering wash of colour to your complexion. The rounded soft tip will give you effortless control to blend your blush.
  • S4 Base Polisher - This Polisher brush is designed to polish your base products into your skin. The soft vegan fibres will effortlessly buff in cream, liquid and powder foundation.
  • S40 Easy Lip - This brush has been created to allow for precision and control around the contours of the lip. Constructed with firm but flexible vegan bristles.
Again, with this collection of brushes, I am really impressed with their quality, the lack off bristle fall-out and having had my brushes for some months now, everytime I wash them, they clean as though I have just taken them out of the box for the very first time.

You can find all of these brushes priced between £6 per brush and then rising up to £60 for a full brush kit here on Beauty Chamber.

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  1. I hadn't heard of this brand before but they sound amazing for the price x


  2. This brushes makes me swoon

  3. The Base Polisher looks good, I use a buffing brush daily, so definitely somthing I would use.


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