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Holistic Silk Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase

Getting a good nights sleep is something we are all told is absolutely paramount, Not sleeping properly can mean that both your body and brain don’t function properly the next day. It could impair your attention span, concentration, strategic thinking, risk assessment and reaction times. A good nights sleep also keeps your heart healthy, looks after your immune system, reduces stress levels and your mental health.  Our skin also repairs itself overnight - your skin's blood flow increases and the organ rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reduces wrinkles and age spots, to name just a few benefits of a good nights sleep, but it is getting into bed and drifting off to the land of nod that I often have problems with, many a time I fall asleep only to wake again a few hours later, sometimes because the pillow is hot and I like my pillow to be cool, sometimes the cat decides it is the best time to play hunt the human feet and other times, simply switching off and sleeping doesn't come easy.

Holistic Silk is a brand I have seen on social media and it is one a few of my friends rave about when it comes to the pillowcases.  I have been kindly gifted a pillowcase and a pair of Heliotrope earplugs which just fascinated me and they will appear in a post on their own, today it is the turn of the Pure Silk Pillow Case.
Holistic Silk Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase
Holistic Silk is a niche English brand with a global presence and has remained since its inception, a London and Cornwall based family-run enterprise, driven by its original founder and creative heart Joanna Weakley. All Holistic Silk products are designed, tested, developed and refined in house by Joanna and her team. Holistic Silk was created as an antidote to the fast pace and pressure of modern life. Having observed the negative effects that stress, overwork and air travel can have on our minds, bodies and sleep and finding a lack of beautiful supportive products available to combat this, Joanna discovered for herself how effective and transformative alternative health, Chinese medicine and good sleep can be. These principles are rooted in the very core of Holistic Silk.

Silk pillowcases are becoming a really popular must-have accessory and it is something I was told to invest in a few years ago because it would change my life.  I have been kindly gifted the Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase in the shade Jade.  This silk pillowcase has a generous weight of 22 momme Silk the Pillowcases are Fair Made to Holistic Silks own unique design with a fully piped finish, French seams inside and a no gape reverse closure.
Holistic Silk Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase
So why do you need one of these in your life? Well, I was sceptical, it is after all just a pillowcase... wrong! The first time you lay your head on a silk pillowcase your life will change, trust me. Not only does your hair glide over the pillowcase, so does your skin, but the silk also doesn't crease or scrunch up, it seemingly never alters position, it never gets hot which is an absolute dream for me. It also said to help reduce friction, minimising skin creasing and tell-tale sleep lines as well as eliminating bed head and hair frizz.   These Silk Pillowcases are also designed so they won't absorb your night creams, something I had never thought about until I switched my cotton pillowcases for silk, they also don't absorb your hair serums, but they do is leave your skin nourished and hair silky smooth each morning and if you have ever straightened your hair and then have gone to bed only to wake up the following morning with a frizzy knotty mess, you'll find you don't with this, less crinkle, less static and a lot less flyaways.  These Holistic silk pillowcases also have the addition of a removable pure Lavender sachet to gently fragrance the air and promote good rest too and as someone who loves the scent of lavender and finds it relaxing, I love it.

I have been using this pillowcase for almost 9 weeks now and it is life-changing and friends who told me it was a smart investment are absolutely right. Despite having the most horrendous cough and head cold, I have still managed to drift off to sleep and stay asleep for much longer bursts than I had been doing.

This pillowcase is sized to fit a standard pillow of 75cm x 50cm and comes available in 8 other shades, so hopefully, you can find one to match the colour of your bedroom. Priced between £80-£110 I honestly cannot recommend this pillowcase enough!

Have you tried a silk pillowcase?

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  1. I have been curious about silk pillowcases for years and really have wondered if they were worth the hype. Question answered in this post! I think I'll add it to my Christmas wishlist! x


  2. I have HONESTLY been thinking about getting one for a few weeks now as I've all of a sudden noticed the dreaded AM pillowface for the first time ever x

  3. I've been curious about silk pillowcases too, but they're soo expensive and don't fit pillow sizes here.

  4. I love a silk pillowcase, it just feels more luxurious and less harsh on my skin and hair

  5. It sounds like a really nice product x



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