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The Importance of ‘Sort Your Life Out Saturday’

Over the course of a busy week, it’s easy to lose track of those pesky little jobs. And the temptation is always there to put them off until another day. Well, that approach isn’t going to work in the long-run; you need to tackle those tasks in one go over the course of the weekend. Don’t worry; done right, and ‘sort your life out Saturday’ can be followed by ‘put your feet up Sunday’.
The Importance of ‘Sort Your Life Out Saturday’
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If you’re going to get the most out of the effort, then you’ll want to do a little bit of planning. Write down everything that you intend to do, and cross each entry out as you complete the relevant task. Also, a quite nice way to look back and see what you’ve achieved over the day.

Household Chores
Keeping a household in good condition means performing several dozen small tasks, from unblocking sinks to vacuuming landings to changing sheets. Most of us will find it impossible to keep all of these in our head. Changing a bulb in your desk lamp, for example, is a task that might be forgotten for weeks.

Set a schedule, and enter reminders into your phone. That way you’ll know exactly what you need to do every time Saturday rolls around. You’ll even find apps that help you to do this efficiently. Of course, if you’ve been putting things off, you’ll probably need to do everything at once. Set up a cleaning playlist and get going as soon as you’ve finished breakfast. You can start by doing the dishes.

Meal Preparation
If everything you eat is entirely improvised, then it’s unlikely that you’ll eat well. With a little bit of meal preparation, on the other hand, things become much easier! To do that requires a little bit of preparation and planning at the weekend and a steady supply of Tupperware boxes. If you’re making a big meal on Sunday, like a roast, then the leftovers can serve as the basis for the rest of your intake throughout the week.

Food Shopping
Food shopping is an essential task. While a surprising amount of people try to get by on dried, canned, and take-away food, the reality is that you need fresh stuff to live a decent quality of life, and that means weekly trips. Make a shopping list and get down to your preferred supermarket, preferably at a time when it isn’t going to be heaving. If you’ve got an hour or so spare on a Friday evening, you might find life easier. Alternatively, you can simply shop online, saving all of your purchases in a basket that’s remembered every week, which is also a brilliant way to keep track of your budget if you’re trying to save some pennies.

Taking Time for Yourself

All of this hard work is going to take it out of you – especially if you’ve spent Monday to Friday with your nose to the grindstone. It’s therefore worth including a reward in your plans. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; some time soaking in the bath or curled up on the sofa with a book will help to make the effort worthwhile.

How do you get yourself Saturday ready?

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