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INNOluxe Foam Treatment at Not Another Salon

Whenever you go to the hair salon for a bit of a pamper, long overdue trim, a hair cut, hair colour or even just for someone else to wash your hair, we all get asked “do you want a treatment” and I am sure like me, many of you all say yes, never really knowing what that treatment is or what it is supposed to do, but you go with the flow because, well it is some well deserved pampering and you might as well take advantage right?
INNOluxe Foam Treatment at Not Another Salon

A few weeks ago I went down to Brick Lane in London for the first time in around 15 years to a rather funky looking salon which goes by the name of Not another salon. The reason for my visit was to try out the INNOLuxe treatment.
“INNOluxe uses amazingly advanced protein technology to create superstrong sulphur bonds, repairing and rebuilding your hair and leaving it soft, strong, healthy and shiny”
Ideal to be used if you have colour treated hair but INNOluxe can also be used a treatment if you don’t. I don’t currently have any colour, highlight or balayage left in my hair, it is 100% my natural dark blonde colour, so I was looking forward to seeing how my hair would feel afterwards.
INNOluxe Foam Treatment at Not Another Salon
If I ever won the lottery, I’d be paying for someone to wash my hair... such a relaxing experience having someone else do it for you! 

At the salon, my hair my washed using Pureology shampoo and then INNOluxe Foam, the latest release from the brand was the first step of my treatment. Described as being a pre-diluted version of ReBond V2, which is part of their stand-alone rebonding treatment. The foam delivers unbelievable strength, repair and Instagrammable shine for every hair type, but the treatment is applied at your hair station rather than keeping you languishing over the basin. So it is much more comfortable, you don’t get neck ache and you can see exactly what is going on to your hair, how it is used and ask a million and a one questions about said product.
INNOluxe Foam Treatment at Not Another Salon
Once it was applied to my hair, I was left to doze in my incredibly comfortable chair for around ten minutes before the foam was washed out and the second stage of the treatment INNOluxe Balance Plus. Again this is used to recreate the correct pH balance for hair following a treatment or chemical process. The protein rich formula contains hydrolysed rice and vegetable proteins as well as amino acids. Balance Plus V2 is designed to;

  • Rebuild elasticity
  • Repair cuticle damage
  • Penetrate the cortex to lock in colour
  • Protect from heat, without build-up
  • Create shiny/glossy hair
  • Increase fullness
  • To improve the hairs natural bounce and shine
Once it had been applied to my hair, again I was to let the treatment work it’s magic for around ten minutes before I could see the final results.

I have combination hair, so I have greasy roots and dry ends and it is always much worse in the Summer than it is in the Winter. As soon as my clingfilm and towel had been removed from my hair, I could already feel a difference, my hair felt much lighter than it did before the treatment and I could see a sleekness rather than a frizzy mess! As my hair was being blow-dried, again the shine was really noticeable and it is one of those views that perhaps you notice more than anyone else. Once my hair had been styled, the immediate comment I have was that my hair feels the same as it does when I have had a trim, almost weightless and light yet o haven’t had a trim, just a treatment.

Fast forward a week later and I’ve washed my hair twice in that time when usually it would have been 3-4 times and still, that shine and sleekness is noticeable, a friend asked me if I had used something new or coloured my hair because it looks different.

This treatment is priced between £30 and £35 depending on the length of your hair and it is one I would definitely have again because I’ve seen the difference it is made to my hair.

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  1. Ooh this sounds really fabulous! I'll have to see if there is somewhere near me offering it xx


  2. I've never thought about having a treatment done on my hair because it is uncoloured, but I like the sound of that shine.

  3. My hair takes quite a beating from being lightened so this would definitely be a good treatment for me. On top of that, can you beat being pampered in the salon with a hair wash? Bliss. x

  4. I’ve never had a salon treatment - I’d love to though x


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