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Clean Reserve Avant Garden - An Enchanting Fragrance Collection

When it comes to fragrances, I know what it is I like but every now and again, I want something that pushes my boundaries and comfort zone.  Clean Reserve is a new collection of fragrances from the creators of Clean, a brand I have featured on my blog a few times with Blond Rose and Warm Cotton. The culmination of a unique, creative collaboration with three of the world's top fragrance houses chosen because of their commitment to sustainability and philanthropy and it has been created with responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging.

Clean Reserve Avant Garden - An Enchanting Fragrance Collection from CLEAN Reserve
When it comes to fragrances, most of us will like either floral, sweet, woody, citrus, fruity or something that sits in the middle. I pick a fragrance depending on my mood and sometimes depending on the weather outside, if it is hot and sunny then something light and fresh whereas as it is dark, gloomy something a little heavier.

The latest fragrance collection from the CLEAN Reserve is described as 'merging the structure of a traditional clean linear Eau de parfum with a luxurious niche approach, designed to transport you on a fantastical journey'.  CLEAN Reserve’s Avant Garden collection uses the finest ingredients grown and harvested responsibly from a farm in the South of France—with an added playful twist, 
“Our new CLEAN Reserve Avant Garden collection incorporates our foundation of eco-friendly ingredients into a luxurious olfactory experience. The result is undeniably unique and positions CLEAN for yet another year of strong consecutive global growth in the category,” said Gregory Black, president of Clean Beauty Collective.
So when White Amber & Warm Cotton was kindly gifted to me, I couldn't wait to give it a try.
Clean Reserve Avant Garden - An Enchanting Fragrance Collection
A fragrance which encapsulates the essence of Warm Cotton, which for me is a clean scented fragrance - think fresh bed sheets, your washing drying on the line, kind of clean and then with it comes a punchier floral note to give it a bit of a kick.  The two coming together to create a fragrance that is an unlikely match.  For me, the notes of a fragrance are important, you want to know what is in there and how it is going to work, for this one we have the top notes of Aldehydes, Cassis buds and Green Accords and the Cassis works to give it that fruity blackcurrant scent and alos hidden is a hint of Begamot that you really get after a few seconds.  The heart notes of Jasmine, Lillies and Peonies are an incredible inclusion for me, I adore anything which has Jasmine as a note and quite of my favourite fragrance includes it as a heart note.  Working with the heart notes are the base notes of White Musk, Amber and Clean Woods which come together to bring together a fragrance that is a warm floral with a spicy mix and I absolutely love it.  You need just the smallest spritz because it is so powerful a fragrance, but it is one which lasts the entire day, slowing drying down to a light powdery scent.
Clean Reserve Avant Garden - An Enchanting Fragrance Collection
If this isn't a fragrance that you like the sound of, then the CLEAN Reserve Avant Garden collection also features 7 other fragrances which includes: 
  • Galbanum & Rain: This fresh and woody fragrance is crafted with eco-conscious and sustainable notes of galbanum, Sichuan pepper, clearwood, cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver. 
  • Hemp & Ginger: Blends cardamom, Sichuan pepper and elemi for a multi-faceted earthy scent. 
  • Muget & Skin: Cardomom, jasmine, clearwood and patchouli bring a feeling of warmth in this sophisticated scent. 
  • Saguaro Blossom & Sand: Mimosa, jasmine, lavender flower, and rose create a unique scent that is inviting and intriguing. 
  • Sweetbriar & Moss: This non-traditional floral scent contains rose, Sichuan pepper and lychee rose for an unexpected elegant finish. 
  • Nude Santal & Heliotrope: a fragrance for those who appreciate the beauty in the hidden details of the world around them. It is sophisticatedly soft, comforting and effortless. 
  • White Fig & Bourbon (NEW July 2019): Luminous fruits and White Fig cast a breathtaking radiance over a heart of aromatic spices, while luxurious Bourbon vetiver and warm woods wrap the fragrance in a smooth, full-bodied richness. 
Each fragrance within the Clean Reserve collection is cruelty-free, free of phthalates, preservatives, gluten and artificial dyes, plus they are infused with safe molecular naturals and sustainable notes such as mandarin, cardamom, and sandalwood. All fragrances are manufactured in a facility that uses 100% solar energy; the alcohol in CLEAN Reserve fragrances is derived from corn and in a gentle aloe blend allowing for a highly refined and pure juice. Above all, the mindful harvesting processes, in partnership with the top three fragrances houses: Firmenich, Mane and Takasago, of all CLEAN Reserve fragrances supports and improves the lives and livelihoods of farmers and their families.

CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Eau de Parfum's are priced at £125.00 [100mL] and can be found at SpaceNK.

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  1. It sounds like quite a unique scent! I need to smell it! xx


  2. It sounds like such a gorgeous fragrance x

  3. this is right up my alley! I adore clean products and eco minded businesses x

  4. That sounds like an absolutely gorgeous fragrance. They sound like a fantastic brand.

  5. AAAAH this sounds INCREDIBLE! I love the sound of this!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. I love Clean fragrances, they are so unique!

  7. I love the smell of amber in a perfume. But also geranium, so I would love to receive these from someone. They all seem so fresh.


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