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John Masters Organics - New Advanced Collection for Damaged Hair

Hailing from New York, John Masters, a leading hair stylist came up with a simple, yet radical idea back in 1994 with regards to nature being the best possible source the clean beauty.  Fast forward to today and John's singular vision has become a global brand that continues to transform the organic and natural beauty industry, with all of the products being composed of at least 70% organic content. John Masters Organics believes that beauty products should encourage well-being, not compromise it.  This belief if the foundation of the brand today and nature is and always will be the greatest resource for helping you look and feel your very best.  I was kindly sent a set of hair care products from the John Masters Organics range.
John Masters Organics - New Advanced Collection for Damaged Hair
John Masters Organics hair care
The new advanced collection for damaged hair with honey and hibiscus and it consists of three products - repair shampoo, repair conditioner and a repair hair mask. The collection is described as being an organic silicone-free alternative that delivers healthy, sleek, nourished, strong hair.  For my hair, I have what is called combination hair, so I get greasy roots and dry mid-length to ends, so when it comes to finding a shampoo, it needs to be one which doesn't irritate my scalp or exacerbate the greasy roots, something I often find quite hard to combat. I do the best I can do to look after my hair, I don't roughly towel dry, I try not to over use heat when possible and I use an array of products to look after my hair and scalp. I have been using these products now for the last 9 weeks and they have made quite the impression.

The Repair Shampoo (£29) for Damaged Hair with Honey and Hibiscus is described as being a strengthening, sulfate-free shampoo which helps to build up the hair’s resilience at the root to protect from future damage, breakage and split ends.
John Masters Organics Repair Shampoo
This gentle shampoo has a really, lovely scented rich lather which comes from a coconut-derived foaming agent and its job is to help remove buildup while at the same time balancing sebum levels without drying the scalp. Organic Honey, which is a humectant works by attracting and locking in moisture, Lysolecithin, which is a form of Lecithin, is a naturally occurring fatty substance found in several foods, such as soybeans and whole grains. In this shampoo, it helps to strengthen hair follicles whilst acting like a second skin by infusing moisture into hair, preserving the scalp's natural lipid structure. Then finally we have Organic Hibiscus Water and flower extract which work gently to discard skin and dart, whilst at the same time balancing the scalp's natural oil production.

On my hair, because I do use heat to style, be it a hairdryer or my straighteners, I am mindful that this is not good for my hair and whilst I do use heat protection sprays, I know this isn't enough to protect my hair.  What I have found with this shampoo is that my hair instantly feels moisturised, as in those mid-lengths which are often dry, are not and that is quite the difference for me, I also have much less static than I have had with other shampoos, so it means the flyaways and new hair strands don't leave my hair looking as though I've had my fingers in a socket, so I've been using much less serum and finishing spray, which in turn means less build up and fewer scalp irritations.

The Repair Conditioner (£29) for Damaged Hair with Honey and Hibiscus is described as being an intensive, silicone-free conditioner that repairs damaged, brittle hair.  I am really picky when it comes to using a conditioner on my hair.  I am not a fan of overly thick conditioners which I find are too heavy for my hair and leave it feeling weighed down.
John Masters Organics Repair Conditioner
 As with the shampoo, this conditioner uses Organic honey which coats the hair in essential nutrients and draws in moisture, acting as that humectant to ensure the hair feels nourished and moisturised. In addition to the honey, this conditioner also uses Organic Hibiscus Flower Extract which is rich in amino acids which are known to add strength and elasticity to dry and brittle hair strands.  Sunflower seed is also used and not only is it rich in fatty acids which help to retain moisture over time and together these ingredients help to make the hair much less prone to breakage and damage, including damage from split ends. 

Once a week, I like to ensure I use a hair mask and from John Masters Organics Repair Hair Mask (£39). This weekly rescue mask is described as being a rich, luxurious silicone-free hair mask and it is again enriched with Honey and Hibiscus.
John Masters Organics Repair Hair Mask
Using a fusion of organic honey and organic hibiscus, they work together to restore shine and moisture whilst ensuring the hair is much more manageable. Bacuri butter and mongogo oil not only nourish and soften the hair but also helps to unblock pores on the scalp. Mineral-rich Horsetail Butter is used to rejuvenate the hair, adds sheen to the appearance and strength to the hair shafts. This mask also contains selenium and cysteine, which are known to promote healthy hair growth.

When I use the mask, I do so after washing my hair with the shampoo and then pump a generous amount onto my hands before massaging into my hair with the main focus being on the lengths and ends and then leave it on the hair for 3-5minutes before rinising out with warm, not hot, water.   Immediately after using, my hair feels incredibly smooth to the touch and I can't help but love that fresh smell of honey and hibiscus which lasts for a day or two after using.

This has been my first venture into the John Masters Organics range and I have really been liking how my hair feels after using them and it has made me want to try more products from the John Masters range, which is far bigger than I realised with everything you can think of from scalp treatments and hair masks, to skincare which includes toners, lip balms and much more.

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