Monday 3 June 2019

Headmasters Mayfair Salon

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, London you will find the Headmasters salon, one which, as soon as you walk through the door makes you feel instantly at ease.  I have friends who have a fear of the hairdressers and salons and avoid putting off going for as long as they possibly can, I am the opposite, I find the whole experience a relaxing one.
Headmasters of Mayfair
Headmasters of Mayfair
Headmasters of Mayfair
Inside the salon it is a very intimate affair, the whole time I was there, it was never short of people coming and going, walking in off the street to present themselves for an appointment or ask to book.  Despite how busy it was, it was also quiet, no overly loud music being pumped through speakers is one thing I noticed and, despite the constant use of hairdryers and other styling equipment, it just didn't feel noisy.  

As soon as I arrived, I was shown to one of the comfiest seats I have sat in for quite some time, asked if I would like a drink and something to read.  At this point I could have quite happily sat here for hours, there is something like relaxing about people watching. I was in the salon to see the wonderful Jonny, the Artistic Ambassador at Headmasters and he shares his time between editorial shoots and educating the Headmasters team. His biog states that his strengths are in precision cutting, where he headed Headmasters first ever Classics Collection and session styling. Jonathan loves looking at hair through a session stylists eyes and translating them into wearable looks. As soon as you meet Jonny, you are at ease, there is something about his persona that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.  Trusting your hair, your pride and joy, in the hands of someone you don't know is quite the daunting task, but not so in this case, for me anyway.

A quick chat with Jonny about a wash and blow-dry, possibly a tidying up of the ends, I was guided over to the washing area and I sat on the most wonderful massage chair, the kind I now definitely need at home - absolute heaven.  If there was something I could pay someone to do for me forever, that would be to wash and condition my hair, one of my favourite things about a hair salon is having someone else wash my hair. 
Hair before and after Headmaster Mayfair Salon
My hair, as you can see is shoulder length and naturally wavy, but I tend to straighten it a few times a week and I do use heat protection sprays. I wash my hair every other day, one of the joys of living in a polluted capital city means your hair tends to feel absolutely grim to the touch more so because I have combination hair of oily roots and dry ends.   

Jonny decided to go for the swishy blow dry and I absolutely loved how it looked as it isn't something I have tried to do myself or ever have at any other salon as the assumption usually is to blow dry my hair straight, so now I have something else to be trying when I next go for a trim, I just hope they are this good!   

If you are in need of your hair cut and haven't got a clue where to start, want a new experience, want a salon which makes you feel welcome and some incredible service, then Headmasters is definitely somewhere to be going and you can even book online too!

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