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The Three Steps Towards Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

Ah, weddings. Who doesn’t love them? They’re often immense fun – especially for the bride
and groom. Preparation for the big day isn’t usually without stress, though. 
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After all, there’s plenty to consider, from venue booking to curating a playlist. Before any of that, however, your suitor must find the right ring for you. Unless, like many, you’ve decided to buck tradition and buy a band together. 

If this applies to you, but you aren’t sure what to look for, look no further than our three-step guide. 

Wedding Dress 
Like most people, you may already have a style of wedding dress in mind. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about it ever since you were small – and if you have, you certainly aren’t alone. 

The perfect wedding is a lifelong dream for most of us. What does your ideal piece look like? Before you and your betrothed head to a jeweller, you may want to consider this. 

What style will it be, for example? Will it be made of lace or strapless? Pinpoint the general look of your dress, and you may be better able to select a ring that suits it. 

That way, you can guarantee that it compliments your outfit for the big day. 

Colour Scheme 
If your wedding follows a colour scheme, you’ll no doubt want your ring to match it. That’s why it’s typically useful to take this into account when you come to browse for this jewellery item. 

Obviously, classic designs – such as a precious metal band with a diamond centre – are unlikely to look out of place anywhere. But bright stones, like topaz and ruby, may not blend in with certain shades of décor. 

So, why not consider your decorative theme ahead of ring browsing. If you do, you could avoid the risk of tonal clashing. 

And as a result, you’ll be better able to achieve your ideal wedding look. 

Personal Value 
Your wedding ensemble is important – but what the day means to you is crucial. And this extends to your ring. 

At the end of the day, it tends to be more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s often a symbol of the love shared between a couple. 

Look for a ring that holds personal value for you and your beloved, and you’ll be reminded of your special relationship whenever you look at it. 

Keep sentiment in mind, and you might just find the perfect piece. If you’re not sure where to begin, look back to when you and your fiancé first met, specifically the time of year. 

Why don’t you invest in a ring that sports the birth stone for that particular month? Or perhaps a gem that holds significance for the two of you

However you decide, look for a ring that you’re likely to love for years to come. 

Finding a wedding ring is generally regarded as a tricky task – but it doesn’t have to be. With these tips, you’ll be able to secure the best style for you.

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  1. My Mum recently had a new one designed for their 25 year anniversary and it is so beautiful. Her old one was a little dated. xx

  2. It's somehting I haven't ever really thought about to be honest!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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