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Relax, de-stress and wind down with Gorgeous Shop

I make no secret of how much I look forward to my Sunday Pamper, it is something that has become quite the theme on my Instagram and one I get a lot of questions about when it comes to which products I use, which products do I use to relax and unwind and ultimately how do I create a relaxing atmosphere.  The true answer is, it all depends on which scents you like, which room is your favourite to relax in and what lighting helps.  For Christmas, my main present was a Himalayan Salt Lamp, something I had been obsessing over for quite some time.  I have read so many reviews as to how they help promote a relaxing atmosphere and it is also believed to filter dust, mould, mildew and pet odour from indoor air.  As well as using lights and candles, there is a whole host of products which I have used to help relax and create that calming atmosphere. 
Relax, de-stress and wind down with Gorgeous Shop
The Gorgeous Shop was founded back in 2007 and they feature the latest offerings from over 100 amazing brands which include bareMinerals, ELEMIS, St. Tropez, Decléor, ghd, Kérastase and many more. I love how well set out the website is and how easy it is to navigate to what product you want, whether it is choosing by brand, subject or concern. 

I was kindly sent a package of products to help me to create that relaxing feel at home, especially after a pretty hectic week in the office, a trip back to my parents for a special occasion, a catch up with the family and then back to London before heading straight into the office and then falling ill.  So I had everything I needed in this package to take a few hours off to relax and recharge.

The first product comes from Decleor and as a brand, it is not one I am all that familiar with, so I was chuffed to see it in my box.  The Rose D'Orient Bath and Shower Gel (£18 for 250ml here) and it is described as being a gentle body wash infused with aromatic Rose Essential Oil.  
Decleor Rose D'Orient Bath and Shower Gel
I love that there is an option to use it in the shower or the bath and I have used it both ways and for me, the preference is to use it in the shower because there is something incredible about the fragrance as it comes into contact with the steam of the water vapour.  Made with 98% natural ingredients, this product is perfect for all skin types, it has the freshest and most delicate rose scent which lingers on the skin, but also notes of both Lavender and Neroli which together help to soothe and calm whilst at the same time alerting the senses.  After using, I love how smooth my skin feels to the touch.

One of my absolute favourite brands is Omorovicza and I have raved about them many times on my blog.  The Refining Facial Polisher (£60 100ml here) works to deeply cleanse dull, lacklustre skin, whilst smoothing the skin's texture for a bright, even complexion. To do this, the facial polisher has a whole host of fascinating key ingredients and they include calcium and magnesium to exfoliate the skin's dead cells and impurities, leaving pores purified. Copper Gluconate which acts as an astringent to help regulate sebum production and ground pumice stone sloughs away dead skin cells to encourage new cell turnover. If you are familiar with any products from Omorovicza, then the term 'Hydro Mineral Transference™' will mean something to you, what it does is to help the minerals to deeply penetrate into the skin and its unique formula also contains exotic fruit extracts which plump and tone skin, whilst strengthening the surface barrier to help improve firmness. 
Omorovicza Refining Facial Polish
To use, it is a simple case of massaging onto the skin in circular motions starting from the nose area before moving outwards to the rest of the face. At this point, it needs to be left on the skin for up to two minutes before being removed with warm water and a cloth, once this has been done, there is an immediate change in how my skin feels, it is not only soft and smooth to the touch, but all the dead and dry skin cells that had lingered have now gone and it makes a lovely treat to use.

Next is the Tisserand Aromatherapy De-Stress Body Massage Oil (£9.95 per 100ml here). Described as being a calming body oil designed to still the mind and soothe the senses. This oil, which is widely available, a unique blend of lavender, marjoram and mandarin essential oils which help to soothe, restore and restore and they work alongside a vitamin and antioxidant-rich omega 6 and 9 blend.  Ideally, this oil needs the help of your nearest and dearest to help apply and massage it onto and into the skin.  
Tisserand de-stress massage and body oil
For me, one of the first signs of being stressed is my shoulders, they ache and are often painful to the touch, so this is always the place I am in need of a massage and this oil really hits the spot and helps to relieve that built up tension, from there, the tension moves down my arms and towards my lower back where a dull ache sets in, so again, a massage here is just heavenly.  The scent of this oil is just divine and it really comes to life when it is rubbed between the palms of the hands and then applied to the skin, if it could be turned into a candle, it would be one of the most relaxing scents you would come across and for me, whilst the Mandarin essential Oil is most definitely present, it is actually the Marjoram which has a slightly warm and spicy scent to it, which stands out for me.

The final item in my package comes from Spacemasks and it is the Self-Heating Eye Masks (£15 per box here). If you have never tried these masks, then you need too because they are just incredible.  To use, you should ensure you are fully ready to lay back and relax for at least 15 minutes, so for me, I will have showered or bathed, completed my skincare routine and either be ready for going to bed or having an afternoon nap. Inside each of the pouches is a Jasmine-infused eye mask, which you place over your eyes, attach the strings around your ears and then lay back and allow your relaxation journey to begin.    
What I love is how relaxing the Jasmine scent is, it happens to be one of my favourite fragrances and it is one which is just incredible for helping to de-stress, wind down and soothe the mind.  As the mask is removed from the pouch, they immediately begin to warm and the heating process works by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air. It is totally safe to use and does not irritate the skin. 

Putting all of these products into one relaxation and pampering session is just incredible to clear the cobwebs from your mind and help wind down and de-stress.  I would love to know what products you use and whether there is anything you would recommend.

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  1. I've heard brilliant things about those Space Masks! I need them in my life! Love the Omorovicza Facial Polisher too xx

  2. Oh gosh I love the smell of roses, and I think lavender does really help to calm and soothe. Some lovely items here.

  3. I've seen the spacemasks a few times and they look really good. I love that this is a relaxing box x

  4. I love the space mask so much, so so so relaxing - I love them!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. You've just reminded me to pick up another box of the Spacemasks! I absolutely love them. So relaxing.

  6. I LOVE Omorovicza skincare x

  7. Oh I am dying to try the Spacemasks xx

  8. I love the space masks, they are the best when travelling! x

  9. I've never heard of this store before, but such a great mix of brands! I really need to try more from Decleor, such a gorgeous brand xx

    Gemma • ❤️


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