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Rifle Paper Co x Corkcicle Tumbler

If you love coffee or tea, travel to and from work on public transport but like to combine the two whilst doing your bit for the environment by not using takeaway coffee cups and thus avoiding the side glare of most people who look at you disapprovingly, then I have the answer to that problem and it comes from Corkcickle.  Living in London, you only have to walk a few yards and you see Pret, Costa, Starbucks, Eat as well as many trendy coffee bars which pop up and they all make life easier to drink on the go. 
Rifle Paper Co x Corkcicle Tumbler
Rifle Paper Co x Corkcicle Tumbler Label

Who is Corkcicle you might be asking? Well, I had only briefly come across them as a brand on Instagram and I was drawn to the design, more so with their latest collaboration which I am sharing with you today. Described as being an innovative and award-winning hydration brand, Corkcicle began back in 2010 with a simple question - How do you chill wine to the perfect drinking temperature without the mess of an ice bucket? After a lot of prototypes and testing, the Corkcicle Air was born. Moving forward all Corkcicle products are made to enhance your personal style and reduce personal impact on the planet. Every time you use your Canteen or Tumbler, you help the environment by reducing plastic waste in landfills and the ocean. Plus, their Tumbler Straws are completely reusable too.  

Collaborating with Rifle Paper Co., a stationary and lifestyle brand known for its eye-catching hand-painted prints, patterns and designs to create a limited edition range of bespoke Canteens and Tumblers and the new Rifle Paper Co. x CORKCICLE collection features three unique prints, each with its own personality - The Lively Floral, The Tapestry and the version I have which is called Queen Anne and I have the Tumbler but there is also the option to have the Canteen too.
Rifle Paper Co x Corkcicle Tumbler LidRifle Paper Co x Corkcicle Tumbler Queen Anne Design
The Tumbler (£35) is crafted from stainless steel and it has what is referred too as proprietary triple insulation and what this does is keep your beverages cold for 9+ hours, even in the sunshine and if you have ice in it, then it stays cool even longer.  If your preference is to have something hot, then you can expect it to stay hot for 3 hours, or closer to 3 and a half hours if, like me, you have something like Jasmine tea which requires no milk.  This has been quite a revelation for me because I do travel on public transport every single day to and from work, often on the bus and sometimes I need to be moving across London and I always like to ensure I have something to drink with me and depending on the weather depends what it is I want to drink.

The Tumbler also comprises of a spill-resistant lid, it has easy to grip sides and a slip-proof silicone bottom and it is BPA Free.

I have, in my time purchased a whole host of travel mugs and tumblers from a variety of brands and whilst they sound amazingly value at between £4-£12 on average, they either don't last, spill everywhere or actually don't keep your drink hot or cold like they claim too.  Whilst this Tumbler costs £35, which it does do is everything it tells it will and for me, I think it actually is great value for money because it is something I use every single day. It is also easy to clean but is hand wash only and it fits into my handbag with minimal effort once I am finished.

You can find Corkcicle at Selfridges and Amazon* as well as finding one-off products elsewhere online too.

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  1. This would make a nice gift! Expensive but a one-off purchase xx


  2. I love a good tumbler, always keep one with me at work! x

  3. Oh wow it's beautiful! I love reusable cups at the moment :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. This is so fab for on the go x

  5. I drink an embarrassing amount of coffee to keep me going thoughout the day. This sounds like a brilliant investment.

    Roxie |

  6. Oh I love it! I have a Harry Potter one at the mo and obsessed with it! Sure beats plastic cups and being concious of our environmental footprint! Win win! X

  7. I LOVE anything that's designed by Rifle paper Co x

  8. How cute is this cup?! Love the gold and black xx


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