Sunday, 17 March 2019

Free iPhone Wallpapers and backgrounds

One of my favourite things to do right now is spending time procrastinating on Pinterest. There are some times when I find it quite relaxing and other times when it gives me lots of new ideas for a blog post and Instagram photos which I might not have ordinarily thought of. I am quite new to using Pinterest for my blog, so I can never claim to know how to do absolutely everything, but what I have found since I have started to use it, reading other people's blogs and advice and actually utilising it, I have noticed a huge difference in how much traffic my blog now gets.

One of my new favourite things to pin on Pinterest, thanks to Gemma from Gemmaetc is backgrounds and wallpapers for both the laptop and my iPhone, something I never used to change all that much, but now do it more a few times a week because there is just so much choice and a whole lot of sparkle to be had.  
I like to have different wallpapers on my laptop to my iPhone and I often change them depending on my mood, good mood usually indicates something pink and sparkly or maybe a funny quote or some words of wisdom and if I am in a bad mood, I might have a favourite Disney quote or a meme that makes me cackle every time I see it and I do have quite a dark sense of humour at times.  

I have also made a few of my own backgrounds and wallpapers too and again, find it quite therapeutic to sit down and do something that is a little different to absolutely anything else I have done and a lot of them you can see on my board and here are some of my favourites, which of course are all pinnable to your own boards!
Below is a link to my profile and the board in question which features so many of the pins you can see above.  I would love to know whether not you use Pinterest and if you do, leave me your name in the comments.

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  1. I love these backgrounds, especially the one with cats on!

  2. I’ve seen Some lovely phone wallpapers and background on Pinterest lately. These are really beautiful.

  3. For some reason, I just can't seem to grasp Pinterest! Maybe I just need to spend more time on there! xx


  4. Oh I just love Pinterest so much at the moment! Great for getting ideas x

  5. I love the roses on the white wooden floor!

  6. Such cute wallpapers x

  7. Oh this is a fab idea!! I need to start using some motivational quotes ASAP!


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