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ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush

When it comes to toothbrushes, I know it isn't the most exciting subject but it is an important one. Over the last few years I have featured a few different branded toothbrushes on my blog and as someone who has Hellenologophobia, which is a phobia of false teeth (yes really), taking care of my teeth is as important to me as taking care of my skin, my hair, my scalp and despite my protests of not being a fan, my feet. My last electric toothbrush suddenly stopped working, refused to charge and when ION-Sei got in touch with me to see if I’d want to give their ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush a try, I immediately said yes. 
ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush
ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush Contents
A brand I had never heard of, the ION-Sei a home appliances brand which has an interesting fusion of Japanese thinking and philosophy, combined with top German product design and it is developed by Sanyei from Japan. Sanyei is currently working on a whole host of products but right now, with its patented technology, the ION-Sei toothbrush is the first and it makes quite the impression.
“There’s a new hero in your bathroom. Whereas most electric toothbrushes only remove plaque and bacteria, ionic technology suppresses the bacteria causing plaque too. You’ll experience smoother, cleaner feeling teeth over time. And can expect a healthier mouth with less risk of cavities. 
ION-Sei’s superpowers lie in its patented technology. Whereas most electric toothbrushes only remove some of the plaque and bacteria (S. Mutans*), ionic technology actually suppresses the bacteria causing plaque too. The ION-Sei electric toothbrush uses an Ultra Violet (UV) LED light that reacts with a Titanium Dioxide bar in the brush handle, to create ions that suppress the bacteria that cause plaque. 
The negative electrons are sent to your mouth via water or saliva. Although ION-Sei uses advanced technology, it harnesses nature using “water and light”. ION-Sei also works with your body’s natural electrical charge through a conductor on the handle, producing a weak charge that inhibits bacterial growth and helps to attract bacteria from teeth onto the brush. The technology used to create these super powers are proprietary and patented. The TiO2 (titanium dioxide) semiconductor” and “UV LED” negative electron generation, are unique to ION-Sei.“
There is quite a lot to take in with this toothbrush and I love that there is so much more to it than the sleek design.  I want a toothbrush that does more than cleans my teeth, I want something that leaves my entire mouth feeling clean, I want that feeling I get after a visit to the hygienist across every single tooth in my mouth. 
ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush
ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush Head
ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush on/off
The Sleek design is worthy of a mention because it is easy to hold and is lightweight, so if you travel a lot, it is perfect for slotting into your travel bag, but be warned there isn't any protective case for it to go into at this stage, it is charged by USB. It has three different brushing modes to suit all needs and these are shown by the three dots below the on/off button.  The first option is for sensitive gums and it is incredibly kind on the gums but is still effective at cleaning your teeth,  The second option is called Standard and this is suitable for everyday cleaning whilst the third and final option is called Deep for a supercharged clean and this is the option I choose to use once a week to ensure my teeth have a really good clean. Other worthy pointers about this toothbrush include
  • 31,000 strokes per min sonic vibrations – to give you deep yet gentle cleaning power. 
  • Innovative brush head - normal spiral bristles are combined with tapered ones that are softer for your mouth. 
  • UV LED light and patented TiO2 bar – UV light strikes* the TiO2, (titanium dioxide) bar and makes the OH radical (hydroxyl radical), generating ions** 
  • Weak current from conductor panel – The ION-Sei works with your body’s natural electrical charge – producing an opposite weak charge that inhibits bacterial growth and helps to attract bacteria from teeth onto the brush. 
  • Creating a longer lasting and deeper clean, through ionic technology – reduces the bacteria sticking to teeth and therefore plaque build-up, gum disease and cavities. 
  • You don't need toothpaste - This toothbrush is a more natural cleaning option using water instead of toothpaste for cleaning. Electrons generated travel through simple water and saliva onto your teeth. No toothpaste is needed unless you want to use it.
The ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush retails for £129.99 on Amazon and you can purchase further brush heads, which are sold in packs of two for £11.99 and the options are in to choose from are Standard, Compact Soft and Soft. Inside the box, as shown in the photos above, you will find everything you need to make this brush work. There is the brush handle, two brush heads, a USB charger and cable, a mains plug for the UK and Europe as well as a charging base and an in-depth manual, if you need something more, then there is an online technical brochure which features a lot more information on the technology behind the toothbrush, including that of its three patents.

I have been using this toothbrush for the last few months and I like being able to swap and change between the settings for cleaning my teeth.  I am lucky enough to not have sensitive teeth, but I often use this setting anyway because it is gentle. I love the deep clean setting and what is the most important factor for me about using any toothbrush is how it makes me feel and the one big difference I have noticed is that my molars, especially where my wisdom teeth constantly attempt to make an appearance, feel a whole lot cleaner than they have done in such a long time.  I appreciate this is not something I can necessarily prove or show, but it is important to me.  I also love that I don't have to use toothpaste, sadly, I am in a habit of using toothpaste, it is something I have done for most of my life and will possibly not stop doing, but the option of not having to faff with a toothpaste tube, is something I like the sound of.

My toothbrush has been fully charged using the USB adapter and I have been using it twice a day for the last 9 weeks and it has yet to need another charge.  So again, for anyone who travels extensively, this is pretty amazing.

I would love to know your thoughts on this ION-Sei Sonic Iconic Electric Toothbrush

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  1. Japanese and German - sounds like the dream combination for an electrical product! I'm just using manual toothbrushes at the moment because I'm having medical treatment fortnightly at the moment and have to buy a new toothbrush after every session so it's more affordable to use regular toothbrushes but when I'm finished treatment, I might invest in one of these. It sounds really brilliant! xx


  2. This is so clever! I went through a phase of using electric toothbrushes. I do want to invesr in one this year x

  3. I have an electric toothbrush, but I have not replaced the batteries in a while. OoopS!

  4. This is quite an intense sounding toothbrush, it's amazing how much tech is in something so small. Sounds great x

  5. I've never heard of this brand before! I recently got a new electric toothbrush that has it's own app so you can use blue tooth to monitor your brushing!

  6. Oh this sounds and looks so snazzy, and only one charge in 9 weeks is blooming marvellous x

  7. I like the sound of this! I also love the colour xx

  8. Wow that's amazing how long the charge has lasted, so so good!! It sounds like such a good toothbrush too, my dentist always says electric toothbrushes are best xxxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

  9. Ooooo wow that looks so good! Love an electric tooth brush too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. It sounds great and I love that minty colour x


  11. You don't have to use toothpaste?! That's crazy! I love the design and colour.

    Roxie | thebeautifulbluebird.com

  12. I'm so impressed with this toothbrush. It's such an innovative piece of tech xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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