Friday 11 January 2019

Wedding Planning: What to do now? You’re engaged

Being asked to be someone’s companion for life is one of the most beautiful feelings. Many grooms plan to pop the question in the most majestic way possible. After this beautiful phase passes, you realize you have a wedding to plan. Fret not! We’re here to walk you through all the possible steps needed to plan a perfect wedding.
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Hire a Wedding Planner

You can save yourself from the trouble and hire a wedding planner at this point. A wedding planner is a mystical being that will take away all your troubles. You will be able to enjoy your own wedding with a lot of ease and comfort. Consider reaching out to a San Francisco Bay wedding planner to handle the nitty-gritty details and ensure everything runs seamlessly. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to finish their own tasks then read the following the steps that will guide you in planning your wedding in a perfect way:

1. Venue Hunt:

The first logical step to wedding planning is finalizing the venue. The venue should be such that meets your guest occupancy needs. So for that, create an estimated guest list and then start with the venue hunting. Once the venue is finalized you can send out the “save the date” e-cards. 

2. Theme:

Resonating with your vision and the venue’s ambience you can finalise a theme. Some famous themes are countryside theme, beach theme, fairy-tale theme, etc.

3. Shopping of Wedding Dresses:

With theme and venue finalized it is time to hit the stores. Begin your shopping for wedding dresses by creating a list of targeted stores. Take your army of bridesmaids and try on as many gowns till you find the one. You can even find gowns online on sites like JJ’s House.

4. Bridesmaid & Mom:

After the wedding dresses are finalized, look for bridesmaid dresses. Along with finishing up with the bridesmaid dresses, you can even look for a dress for your mom. For these dresses also, you can visit JJ’s house,where you will not only find an amazing range of wedding dresses but also get amazing deals and discounts. They have a huge collection of gowns to meet the needs of everyone.

5. Accessories:
Dress selection should be accompanied by finalizing the accessories. So in this step procure complimenting shoes and jewellery. Make sure to coordinate with the wedding dresses.

6. Makeup and Hair Stylist:

When the wedding date is nearing, you may want to look for a good makeup and hair stylist. Before finalizing one seasoned stylist you may want to get trials from your list of potentials stylists. This helps you create a vision before your wedding. By this, the chances of makeup mishaps happening on your wedding day will reduce significantly. 

7. Engagement Photography:

Many couples opt for getting an engagement photography shot before the D-day. This helps them collect beautiful memories while also giving them good pictures to make for a great invite.

8. Rehearsal Dinner:

This step is a must for every wedding as every family conducts it. It is the rehearsal dinner which happens a day prior to the wedding. This is where the family shares funny anecdotes and relish in happy memories. Rehearsal dinner sets a nice tone for the upcoming wedding.


There are certain steps which a lot of couples add or skip like a bachelor’s party. However, these are some basic and essentials steps that you should take care of. The most important though is to have loads of fun at your wedding.

Did you have an engagement party?

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