Sunday, 6 January 2019

Kohl Kreatives - The Flex Collection

I love my makeup brushes as much as the next makeup fan and what I love more is something that is totally different to anything I have tried, is a little bit kooky and has quite the story to tell. 
Kohl Kreatives - The Flex Collection
With that in mind, meet the new release from Kohl Kreatives known as The Flex Collection.
At Kohl Kreatives we are constantly working on ways to give you the power when applying your makeup. Use any of these brushes absolutely anywhere, in the products of your choice.

The Flex Collection features five brushes and they are the most flexible brushes I have ever used, they stand on their own without falling over, they are easy to grip and all of this is because these particular brushes have been designed for those who suffer from motor disabilities and this is an absolute first for me.

Kohl Kreatives - The Flex Collection Brushes
Kohl Kreatives - The Flex Collection Brush
Kohl Kreatives - The Flex Collection Brush Heads

Kohl Kreatives - The Flex Collection Brushes being Flexed
The five brushes within the set are the large and small triangles, large square, small circle, and diamond brushes and they are made using a super-soft vegan fibre designed to give you an airbrushed finish.  

I have used each of the brushes for different tasks and just love how easy they are to use and this is how I personally use them:
  • The large square brush is perfect for applying foundation and other cream products such as primers, BB and CC creams.
  • The large triangle brush I have been using for contouring, something I am not great at doing, I will be honest, but using this brush to dab on my powders and then a beauty blender to blend works pretty well for me.  
  • The small circle brush is the one I have been using for applying highlighters
  • The small diamond brush is perfect for concealer application, which to be honest is all I have used it for because it makes the application so much easier and then I blend, as I always have done.
  • The small triangle brush is the one I have been using to apply brow powder before using a spoolie to work it through my brows.
However you choose to use these brushes, what I absolutely love is not how well they work or how easy they are to use, it is the reason they have been designed and built in the first place, something I have never given a second thought too.  To find out more about Kohl Kreatives and the rest of their collections, everything is detailed right here on their website.

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  1. I love the story behind the brushes! I've never tried anything like these so I'm very intrigued xx

  2. Aaaah wow they are so uniquely shaped too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I am rather intrigued by these brushes! They look interesting x

  4. What a wonderful idea and such a unique design!

  5. great that these are vegan and that there is so much versatility with how you can use them :) they look really unique too - never seen brushes quite like these! xx

  6. I would definitely use that large square brush for foundation. I love the small triangular brush too. I have to admit I put my foundation on with my fingers though.

  7. These look so interesting, like nothing I have used before x

  8. These makeup brushes are very unique - such a good idea x

  9. These brushes look quite interesting! I love a good buffing brush

  10. These brushes look so unusual x

  11. Oh wow, I love how unique they are! Brilliant shapes and designs. I really like the sound of the small diamond shape brush for concealer x

    Lauren |

  12. These are very snazzy brushes, I love the monochrome design x


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