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SANA JARDIN The world’s first socially-conscious, luxury fragrance house

I absolutely love discovering new fragrances. I like being to take a fragrance away to see how it smells on my skin an hour or two after it has been applied, rather than right there and then in a shop.  I was recently introduced to Sana Jardin and it has been quite the journey. Sana Jardin is described as being the world’s first socially conscious fragrance house created by Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed. Amy created the business primarily as a vehicle for social change and the company sits at the intersection of social impact, luxury and the economic empowerment of women, which personally, I think is really quite something.  It launched in 2017 at Harrods with a collection of 7 Eau de Parums.  
Sana Jardin Discovery Kit
Sana Jardin Discovery Kit Box
Each fragrance within the collection is described as being one which exudes nature’s most exotic scents and harnesses the healing power of essential oils, whilst remaining free of artificial colourants, parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde. 

With 7 fragrances to try, it could become a bit overwhelming to try and choose the one you like the most, but thankfully, Sana Jardin have a perfect way to get yourself acquainted with the brand and to choose your favourite(s) and that is with this Discovery Set which features seven sample (2ml) sizes of the brand’s signature scents and here they are:
Sana Jardin Discovery Kit Fragrances
Sana Jadin Fragrance Vials

The first fragrance is Berber Blonde and is described as being "Glittering rays of golden sunlight emanate light, love, and happiness". If you like a light and fresh fragrance with a few green notes thrown in, then this will tick all of those boxes for you. It opens with top notes of Bergamot, Orange Bigarade and Petitgrain Bigarade which give it that instant citrussy hit.  The heart notes of Neroli and Orange Flower Water Absolute intensify that citrussy orangeness but adds some warmth before the base note of Musk, bring the sharpness of the orange down a notch and it settles just beautifully on the skin.

The second fragrance I tried was Tiger By Her Side and this one turned out to be the most popular with friends when I wore it.  Described as being "Seductive, mysterious, connect and unleash your true power and innate wildness".  If you love a Floriental fragrance then this one is right up there to try.  I love the opening notes of Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark and Coriander Seed because together they are quite powerful but warm notes.  The middle notes of Rose Absolute, Benzion Res, Siam and Patchouli Heart are just as stunning with the rose, for me, being the dominant scent. The base notes of Labdanum red, Vanilla and Olibanum are sweet but the overall scent isn't overdone by the Vanilla.  It also happens to work well, really well in fact with Berber Blonde layered over the top.

The third fragrance is my second favourite fragrance out of the box and it is Savage Jasmine and anyone who knows me will know that I love the scent of Jasmine and love a product, especially a fragrance which features Jasmine as one of its notes.  This fragrance has the following Description "Captured at the moment petals unfurl and unleash their exotic, heady scent into the balmy night air". It opens with notes of Clove which dies down really quickly having given you a bit of spice and warmness before the heart note of Jasmine Absolute opens the fragrance up and does its magic. If you have any fragrances with Jasmine in them, it is one of the most uplifting smells I have ever come across and it is just beautiful. The base notes of Musk, Tobacco Absolute Balkan Low Nicotine finish off the scent to give it that exotic scent. 

The 4th Fragrance is Sandalwood Temple and admittedly this scent is everything I imagined it not to be.  Described as follows: Invoke the cosmic, sacred and sensual.  This fragrance opens with Bergamot, Neroli and Orange Water Absolute which I wasn't expecting but when it is mixed with the middle notes of Cedarwood Heart and Cedarwood there is something quite calming about this scent and the base notes of Guaiacwood which on its own is a beautiful scent as it is sweet, it is woody and also spicy and powdery all at the same time but mixed with Sandalwood Album and Vanilla the sweetness comes through and it is a really lovely fragrance.

Up next comes Celestial Patchouli and again, this is one of the fragrances I got the most comments on when wearing.  Described as being "Intense, rich and gathers global explorers attracted to the mystical elements of the cosmos". Opening with Coriander seed as the sole note and it gives the fragrance a warmness before the middle notes of Orris, Osmanthus and Rose Absolute bring about a floral aroma which isn't too overpowering because the base notes of Cypriol, Cedarwood Bark, Leather Patchouli and Sandalwood bring about a hint of spice, greenness and whilst the rose is still there in the background, it is, for me, the scent of Orris that I can detect the most.

The fragrance that is second to last out of the box is the one with the most intriguing name and that is Nubian Musk and my absolute favourite out of the seven. Described as being an "Intoxicating raw scent of skin amplified in the heat of passion, limbs intertwined".  It opens with the sole note of Grapefruit Blossom which is just stunning in its almost Marmalade like scent that hits you before the middle notes of Jasmine Sambac (which I adore on its own as well as in a fragrance), Rose and Sandalwood work to bring about an almost woody scent before the base notes of Musk, Vanilla Bean Extract, Vetiver, Patchouli and Cypriol come to life and just create an incredible floral with a hint of fruitiness and it is just incredible. If I was to pick a favourite, it would without question be this fragrance, I absolutely love it and it is the first vial I finished and I felt truly sad about it.

The final fragrance is Revolution De la Fleur and it is my third favourite out of the box. Described as being "Tropical and exoctic for the feminine muse with a sensuous presence and a flower in her sun kissed hair" and it is a floral fragrance which a soft fruitiness to it.  Opening with the top notes of Rose and Frangipani you have both the floral and the fruity notes right here and they are for me, dominant notes throughout.  As the scent dries down the middle notes of Neroli, Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine come through the middle and they are delicate scents which add a stronger touch of floralness before the base notes of Vanilla Bean Extract and Sandalwood come in and thankfully don't overpower what is a beautiful fragrance, but rather intensify what is already there.

So there we have seven fragrances which are all very different despite sharing some of the same notes such as Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean Extract and Neroli. What I have really loved is the chance to try them all and whilst I appreciate that some people are not a fan of these sample vials, I am a huge fan of them and it is through them that I have found some fragrances I would never want to be without in my stash.  I like that Sana Jardin has created a discovery kit and that it features all seven fragrances from the range. They are a luxury and you will find that 100ml bottle costs over £150 with a 50ml bottle being around £95 so before spending that kind of money, I want the option of having something I can wear for a few days here and there to see how it works with my skin and how long it lasts. 

All of the fragrances are free from artifical colours, parabens and formaldehydes.

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  1. Savage Jasmine Fragrance is as amazing as its flowering and do you know it has around 200 different species!!

  2. What a great way to try all of the scents! I especially love the sound of Berber Blonde - orange & neroli get me every time! xx


  3. This is a great way to be able to try different scents. I do love my perfumes and this is something I would love to try x

  4. Oh gosh Sandalwood temple sounds divine, such a great way to try an array of their scents. X

  5. i love keeping little samples like this in my bad, so handy! x

  6. This is a brilliant idea. I wish more brands did this.

  7. All of the fragrances sound lovely. It’s a great way to try different scents out!

    Lauren |

  8. I love the idea of getting sets to try out that many - such a good idea! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  9. I love discovery sets! I bought the Replica one and I am so excited!


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