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Relax and Unwind This Christmas

As Christmas gets closer and the mad dash to the shops to buy the last minute gifts for those you have forgotten or you have yet to do the food shop but are dreading the queues and the trolley bashing down the aisles as people panic buy bread for those 12 hours shops are seemingly closed, there is one thing we should all be doing at this time of the year and that is relaxing and unwinding and generally not letting stress become a thing.
Relax and Unwind This Christmas
For me, the chance to relax and unwind usually starts with a long hot bath (well as long as the water remains hot I am in there) which I find incredibly relaxing and depending on my mood, it will either be filled with a relaxing oil, some bath salts or I will have copious amounts of bubbles from a bath bomb.

From the bath, I need my room setting to be just right and the one product I turn to quite a lot of Liquid Yoga by Mio, which as well as having a bath soak and a candle, I also have the Liquid Yoga Space Spray which is described as being a rapid mood-changer to help calm, quieten, de-stress and rebalance.
Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Space Spray
It uses a powerful blend of Essential oils such as:
  • Lemon - stimulating, can help concentration and alertness.
  • Cypress - rebalancing.
  • Mentha Arvensis - refreshing, calming.
  • Lavandin - incredibly calming.
You can use this spray absolutely anywhere too such as on your pulse points, pillow, yoga mat, car or office. It can also help promote natural deep sleep and ease the tension that causes headaches.  I absolutely love it and always have a bottle on my bedside table.

Sitting still and not 'faffing about' is something I find very hard to do, even when writing a blog post, I am up and down suddenly deciding I need to hoover, wash up or whatever else it is that needs doing.  One way to guarantee I don't move about is to use a face mask and one which means I can't move such as this Verso Intensive Facial Mask which I have reviewed numerous times on this blog and just love. 
Verso Skincare Intensive face Mask
This is a hydrogel mask and it is incredibly moisturising. As well as Retinol 8, this mask uses Grapefruit Extract which is rich in vitamin C and has significant anti-oxidising effects. Ceramide 3 which helps to keep the skin hydrated as well as to strengthens the skin barrier and finally Centella Asiatica which soothes and improves skin firmness and elasticity. All this mask needs is 20 minutes of your time to work its magic.

New PJ's are always a must have at this time of the year and I always make sure I have some new for Christmas Eve.  This year I have been gifted the most amazing pyjamas by Blackspade.

Blackspade Pjs
For me, wearing PJ's is more than just nightwear. They have to be comfy, they have to be something I can lounge about in too.  This pair, which are matching, black in colour and made from micromodal, which is one of the most breathable and comfy natural fibres known to man.  The top has long sleeves and features a lace insert at the top which is exceptionally pretty and could even be worn as a daytime top.  Priced at £47 these are luxurious when it comes to PJ's but they are the comfiest pair I have ever owned.

The re-introduction to colouring is one of the best things ive discovered and it is an activity you can do to just forget about the world, stress, life and troubles.

Colouring in for Grown Ups
Pass me the pens and I can spend hours colouring in pages of pretty patterns and it is something I turn to do if I am really stressed out, I just pick up the pens and distract myself as much as I can.  Best of all, this is something that can be done just about anywhere, so you don't need to be at home, you can be sat in Costa, be at work, be in on a train or tube too.

As well as Colouring, I am an avid bookworm and it is rare for me not to have to my Kindle on me at all times.  Aside from my Kindle, I also do still read actual proper books and I always set my target of books to read per year with Goodreads.  I like the classic Thriller Killer books which provide the most escapism with the grit and grime of the underworld. However, not too long ago I finished The Tattooist of Auschwitz and it was a book I simply could not put down, it was just so beautifully written and so vivid with accounts and stories that you could have almost been with Lale, the main character of the book.

Finally, we have my Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Pillow (£45) I absolutely love this pillow and it is something I use before bedtime when I have a tension headache and even when I have a granny nap.
Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Pillow

Infused with Organic Seeds and Real Lavender, the soothing, naturally cooling pillow rests on acupressure points when worn to calm and relax the mind, whilst helping to treat headaches, migraines and sinusitis. Crafted from ultra-comfortable silk, the eye pillow blocks out light to induce sleep, allowing you to experience clarity and calm whenever you desire. It also works to relieve stress and daily tensions to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and deeply rejuvenated.

Whatever it is that you helps you to relax, unwind and then enjoy the festivities ahead is am an absolute must and these are just some of the ways in which I relax and unwind.  

Have you got any hints, tips or tricks?

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  1. Oh gosh those pyjamas sound great, I love a really nice pair of PJs and I could definitely do with a new pair (I always think I could do with a new pair!)

  2. We love long baths to help us relax too, hopefully we'll get some nice treats over Christmas x

  3. This sounds like the dream to me, relaxing for me is always a Bath too, and then cosy pjs for the win!

  4. That eye mask sounds delightful, I’m that tired from organising anything that I could do with some relaxation. Hopefully after Christmas I will unwind

  5. I find it impossible to relax as there's always so much to do. I need to invest in me a little more next year!

  6. I'm loving the sound of liquid yoga! I was actually doing my yoga workout as the kids opened their Xmas socks yesterday, how sad is that, lol! In my defence, they slept in until late, so I couldn't wait any more...

  7. A relaxing eye pillow and a pair of pajamas are perfect to have a relaxing and cozy Christmas day. Anyways, have an awesome Christmas day!

  8. The liquid yoga sounds fab, I could really do with some of that. New PJ's are always a treat too

  9. The liquid yoga sounds so lovely! I love products like that :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. I have to admit I spent Christmas Eve giving myself a little pamper and using those Verso fave masks - they’re one of my favourite ways to unwind x

  11. I've got all my new bath products all orhsnised and ready to use but ive not had time for a really good pamper yet. I love the sound of Liquid Yoga.

    Roxie |

  12. Oh I wish I had that spray! I sometimes struggle to sleep lately x

  13. Oh sounds just perfect! If you haven’t read The Nightingale Rach you must! X

  14. I love the sound of this so much!

  15. I need some liquid yoga in my life! I love the Verso eye masks so can imagine how gorgeous the face mask is! xx



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