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Christmas Gift Guide for Men

When it comes to purchasing gifts for men, I tend to find it quite an enjoyable challenge looking for the perfect gifts.  If you ever walk into a department store, much of the displays and stands are geared towards us women and it takes some time before you find something for the man/men in your life. So this Christmas, most of the work staff are male, I have male family members to buy gifts for and this includes 5 nephews and of course my mister over at Beautykinguk.
Christmas Gift Guide for Men Featuring Gilette
Christmas traditions for me have always included having a new pair of pyjamas and it is something I have had or done since I was a child and it is something I still do now.  If you want comfort and luxury but also something that extra special, then this Blackspade Mens Leaf Figure Print Pyjama Set is worth looking at.  
Blackspade Men's Leaf Figure Print Pyjama Set
Super comfy and a great size fit, these pyjamas have a charcoal grey torso and leaf pattern and they come with the matching bottoms which are a nice loose fit and have pockets. The mister said they are the most comfortable pyjamas he has ever tried and worn and because they are made of a cotton modal blend, it makes them some of the softest he has ever tried

Not too long ago I mentioned the fabulous Danish Beauty Brand Ecooking which I had been lucky enough to spend quite some time getting to know (review here).  
Ecooking Starter Kit for Men
Within this gift guide, I am including the Starter kit for Men which comes packaged inside this handy travel packaged and includes:
  • 100 ml Hair & Body Wash - Cleanses and nourishes using ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Glycerin and Organic Abessin Oil.leaving the skin, hair and scalp well-groomed and with renewed energy.
  • 50 ml Cleansing Gel - Suitable for normal and oily skin, this gel is enriched with Organic Cucumber Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Vitamin E. Perfect for using both in the morning and in the evening.
  • 20 ml Beard & Body Oil - This is a multi-functional oil for men that can be used for shaving, as body oil or beard care with a fresh scent of lemon.
  • 50 ml Face Cream - Ecooking™ Men Facial Cream can be used both day and night and/or after shaving and has a long lasting moisturising effect and also improves the surface and structure of the skin. It is non-greasy and is scented of fresh lemons.
  • Wet Wipes - A pack of 10 wipes which are cooling and refreshing on your skin with Aloe Vera Extract.
This is a lovely introduction to Ecooking and each of the products is very generously sized to give you an insight into which work for you and your skin.  Priced at £50, this set is available from FeelUnique.

Whilst I actually like the mister to have a beard, we do always ensure there is a razor in the house for when he gets bored and randomly decides to shave it all off. 

Gilette Mach3 Limited Edition

The Gillette Mach 3 Limited Edition black handle limited edition gift box has a sleek design and a razor stand for what is described as being an elevated shaving experience. Inside the box, you will find a limited edition Mach3 chrome handle razor and razor stand.  It is currently on offer in Superdrug for just £11.99.

If you want to find something a little bit different to the usual afterhave, socks and body spray then Manly Man Co.® have an amazing array of fun gift ideas for men. 
Christmas Gift Guide for Men
They have everything from quirky jerky gift baskets, single malt scotch caramels and beard balm, all the way though to products such as this one which features an Authentic 30 Cal 7.62mm ammo can, used by U.S. military personnel in the field. - something my mister would love given his fascination with military history.

FCUK Socks & Body Duo Gift Set (£12.50 Boots) - You can rarely go wrong with a set like this, even better when it is on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots. 
FCUK Sock Duo Gift Set
This exclusive gift set has three products and they include: 
  • FCUK Vintage: Hair & Bodywash
  • FCUK Vintage: Bodyspray
  • FCUK Striped Cotton Socks
The FCUK Vintage fragrance features wood aromas and notes of orange citrus and spices and got the thumbs up from the Mister, even though it isn't for him and the socks, which he already has a pair of, are also apparently incredibly comfortable.

Staying with Boots, we also picked up this Ted Baker Refined and Invigorating Tin (£14 Boots) and apparently Ted pledges to make you more than presentable with the help of cleansing bar, plus a smooth-yet-spicey Hair & Body Wash and Body Spray. Does what it says on the tin - and then some. 
Ted Baker Refined and Invigorating Gift Tin
Inside, this collection features:
  • Refined and Invigorating Hair and Body Wash
  • Refined and Invigorating Cleansing Bar
  • Refined and Invigorating Body Spray
The Refined and invigorating range is formulated with notes of pink pepper, cardamon, tobacco and vanilla and it actually smells incredibly good but better than that, the tin is absolutely lovely.

The final product is the beautiful SAMAYA’s earthy Kapha skincare range which is described as being an all-natural luxury skincare range marries a blend of high-performance Ayurvedic infusions such as Ashwagandha, Vetivert and Frankincense while embracing the unique scent of Sandalwood Oil - a distinctive soft, warm, smooth, strong woody scent, perfect for the man in your reader’s life. The Kapha range includes four luxurious skincare products, a rich Hydrating Cleanser, a powerful Anti-Ageing Cream, an indulgent Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil and an over-night Renewing Exfoliant - all of which contribute to healthier, radiant looking skin.
Samaya Kapha Overnight Exfoliant
We have the Kapha Overnight Renewing Exfoliant which is an all-natural, gentle and highly effective enzyme exfoliant which safely removes dead skin cells and impurities without damaging healthy skin below. Instantly revitalises and softens skin. Helps minimise the appearance of pigmentation and pores to impart a much more even skin tone. The ingredients include Pineapple enzymes which help to break down dead and dry skin cells, Sandalwood Oil which not only smells incredible but is also has anti-inflammatory properties help smoothe and soften rough skin, Tumeric Root Oil which is also an anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant and it works to heal the skin’s barrier while protecting it from free radical damage and Amla Fruit Pulp Oil which is known as 'the Indian Gooseberry' and it is naturally high in Vitamin C; anti-ageing and immunity-boosting; rich antioxidant content reduces oxidative stress and protects from free radicals.  All of these ingredients, as well as many other, come together to work to transform clogged pores and dull skin into smooth, radiant and healthy skin. This overnight exfoliant costs £59 and is available right here.

I hope this gift guide has given you some ideas as to what to get the man in your life, be it your hubby, brother, dad or even grandad.  There is no doubting that my mister would more than love everything within this post and add to that a few new aftershaves which I can't share within this post or he will see them!  What have you bought for the men in your life?

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  1. I know that some people find men tricky to buy for but I have 3 brothers so I've always had lots of ideas for gifts. I bought match tickets, green fees, aftershaves, books and clothes for the men in my life! Great post! xx


  2. Aaah it all looks fab! Buying for men can be such a nightmare sometimes! My Grandad is the worst :(

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. My husband uses the Gillette Mach, will have a look in Superdrug as that's a good price as they can be so expensive

  4. I always get the men in my life some shaving set and for the nephew he gets pajamas as well love them around this time of year. Love this gift guide

  5. The starter set from ecooking sounds brilliant. I've heard a lot about this brand recently.

  6. I am so boring when it comes to gifts for men, and just stick to perfume

  7. Men can be so difficult to buy for so this really helps me out! X

  8. I picked up a load of gilette gift sets my brothers love them x


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