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Friction Free Saving Christmas Gift Box

I admit, I cackled because the acronym is FFS and it is something I say a lot, but in this case FFS actually stands for Friction Free Shaving and this Christmas, you can buy one of the best Shaving Christmas Boxes I have ever come across and it looks like this.
Friction Free Saving Christmas Gift Box
Friction Free Shaving actually launched 24 months ago and the idea came about because the little gems behind the brand got fed up with overpriced, low quality, brightly coloured plastic women’s razors on the market. It made them say FFS – hence the name! The ethos behind the brand is that women deserve better, more convenient shaving products, at lower prices. Also, you will have seen launching everywhere a similar idea for men, but not for us ladies, so with a gap in the market, FFS wanted to be the first razor subscription club not aimed towards men.

The Christmas Box has a festive design in pastel pink, so if you can't be faffed with wrapping it, then fear not, because it is already done for you. Sleek in design, the postie managed to fit mine through my letterbox, but inside it is packed full of amazing products, plus a little something special - the award-winning Rose Gold Razor, which has been engraved with my name!

What I love about this box is that it is a little bit more than a razor and some blades, as you can see it includes everything you need to ensure that shaving experience is less of a chore and more of a pamper.  Inside my box are three treatments which come together to give your legs a bit of TLC, my legs really need this as I am forever moaning I have shins like lizard skin.
Friction Free Saving Christmas Gift Box Treatments
Up first we have the Pre-shave Scrub which is designed to get rid of dull, dead and dry skin. Enriched with Manuka Honey and Almond Milk, it smells absolutely lovely, but rather than being overly abrasive on the skin because it uses the husks of walnuts, it just does its job, a pretty good one at that, at removing skin cells which are just hanging around.  It is also good practice to exfoliate the legs before shaving because products like this also help to soften the hair and prevent ingrown hairs after shaving.

The second treatment is the Shave Cream and this cream is described as having a 'catatonic charge' that softens your hair and makes them stand on end for a closer shave.  Enriched with Mauka Honey, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, this cream works with your razor to glide over the skin, avoiding those horrendous nicks and cuts that you definitely don't need as party season starts.  With this cream, you need to apply and allow it sit on the skin for around 15 seconds before you start to use your razor.

The final treatment is the Post Shave Balm.  I hold my hands up to never ever using a product like this, despite insisting the mister does when he shaves.  Again, enriched with Manuka Honey, Almond Milk and Cocoa Butter, these three ingredients which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties are also high in antioxidants and deeply hydrating too.  Perfect for application to dried legs post shave, this balm also helps to prevent ingrown hairs and leaves your legs feeling as soft as silk.

Also within the box you will find your choice of Razor, Rose who is Rose Gold or Silvia who is Silver and she comes with accompaniments of a Shower Holder, this I think is genius and it makes shaving life so much easier without having got into the shower, then having to look around without sliding to find your razor, it is right there in front of you stuck to your tiles.  
Friction Free Saving Christmas Gift Box Razor Accessories
Friction Free Saving Christmas Gift Box Razor Accessories
Then we have 4 weeks worth of blades, again, a very clever idea when you would usually only get one blade. The final two products are the travel pouch which will come in handy for anyone who travels frequently or is planning to travel and a blade cover, which for me is an absolute must-have for safety reasons.

I mentioned earlier within the review that my Razor has been personalised just for me and here she is, looking all shiny and Rose Gold with my name etched onto it, so everyone in this house (I am watching you Beautykinguk) knows who the razor belongs too.

Friction Free Saving Christmas Gift Box Engraved Razor
The price for this box is just £30 and if it is something you think would make an amazing gift, which of course it would, then you need to grab it by 17th December to ensure you have it in time for Christmas and anyone who buys the box through THIS link will also get a free pair of rose gold tweezers with their order.

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  1. This is a great set for Christmas. I love that it's personalised too x

  2. Wow I love this! How amazing? I would be happy to find this under my tree xx

  3. Oh what a lovely gift for someone, so so beautiful!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I didn't know the background of the name FFS! That's brilliant! I love anything personalised so this is brilliant! xx


  5. What a lovely gift. I need to invest in some new shaving products so I'll be sure to check this out.

    Roxie |

  6. I think this is such a great idea in general and as a gift, even better!

  7. Making the most mundane task exciting!

  8. I haven’t tried FFS before but love the sound of it. I like that it’s personalised x

    Lauren |


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