Wednesday 24 October 2018

theBalm Cult Classics - Mascara and Eyeliner

I am absolutely loving getting myself acquainted with theBalm Cosmetics, there are so many products that I had just never tried until now.  When the Cult Classics box arrived instructing me to 'Treat Myself' I was gobsmacked at just what was included.
theBalm Cult Classics box
theBalm Cult Classics Box Contents
theBalm Cult Classics - Mascara and Eyeliner
As you can see, this is one amazing PR package and I had no idea where to start with even trying the products, but I was drawn to the bottom right-hand corner when I saw two mascaras and an eyeliner trying to catch my attention.  There will be further blog posts in coming weeks featuring everything within this box, so if there is something you really want to know about, then please do let me know.

Founded by Marissa Shipman in 2004, she wanted to wake up and love what she did every day. and like many of us, Marissa is obsessed with beauty. So, she quit her job, made a plan and started mixing ingredients and it is from here that theBalm was born. All of theBalm products are talc-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free too.

The first item out of the box is Mad Lash Black Mascara and this was the first mascara I have ever used from theBalm but it was the wand which drew me. Described as being a mascara that will 

Lengthen your lashes with the Mad Lash Mascara - Black from theBalm. Creating an ‘out of this world’ look, the mascara is able to capture each lash to deliver extreme length and volume.
You can't fail to notice the bright packaging that is presented before you and inside, the tube is an exact replica, print wise, of the box.

theBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash Mascara
theBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash Mascara Tube
theBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash Mascara Wand
With a richly pigmented black formula, the wand, as you can see is slightly curved which theBalm refer to as being 'Injection moulded'. What I have found is that the wand is perfectly curved with bristles long enough to read the smallest of lashes.  

The formula is liquid like but not overly-wet which I am thankful for because this is one of my pet peeves when it comes to mascaras.  I have fairly long lashes, so a formula that is too wet weights them down.  I like how this mascara fans out my lashes without giving that spidery effect and depending on your preference, you can layer the mascara and add one or two coats without it clumpy or flaking off.  I also found it incredibly easy to remove with my usual eye makeup remover and cotton wool pad.

The second Mascara is called Scuba and this one is quite cleverly named because it happens to be waterproof or as the description states:
If we could have one thing on a desert island, we’d want SCUBA. Avoid smudges, drips or runs with this incredibly water-resistant black mascara. The lengthening, “pool”-proof formula makes sure your look stays flawless, above and below the waves.
Again, the packaging is really eye-catching with the glamorous looking diver kitted out in all her accessories.

theBalm Cosmetics Scuba Mascara
thebalm Cosmetics Scuba Masca and wand
theBalm Cosmetics Scuba Mascara Wand
The wand for this mascara couldn't be more different to Mad Lash if it tried.  Straight as a die, the bristles are much shorter and more condensed but it is incredibly pigmented and it doesn't clump whether you add one coat or two coats, which I find really impressive.  Unlike Mad Lash, this is a slightly thicker formula but it is just as easy to remove with eye makeup remover.

Finally, we come to Schwing and it is a matte black tapered felt-tip liquid eyeliner that describes itself as follows:

This liquid liner is a home run! Built with a uniquely thin and tapered felt-tip applicator, Schwing gives you careful control over subtle strokes and bold lines. Create winning looks with this rich, matte-black finish that won’t smudge, flake or take forever to dry. Plus, Schwing comes in a compact and pocket-friendly package — score!
I am not a regular user of eyeliner, but on special occasions, I do make the effort and apply a small amount and I tend to favour liquid liner over pencil, I find it easier to work with.

theBalm Cosmetics Schwing Eyeliner
theBalm Cosmetics Scwing Eyeliner Pen
theBalm Cosmetics Schwing Tapered Nib
What I like about this eyeliner is the not the nib, which is easy to control, but the actual pen itself. Quite large in shape, it is easy to grasp and control as you apply the liner.  It dries to a non-smudging matte finish which doesn't budge through rain or tears but thankfully with a little eye makeup remover, disappears very quickly.  It is buildable without becoming cakey and it is also not in the slightest bit irritating.

I am incredibly impressed with all three of these products. I adore the mascaras, though I am a bit of a mascara-fiend and love trying new ones. If you are a fan of theBalm Cosmetics or have seen something that grabs your attention, then you can find the products on Lookfantastic (here), BeautyBay (here), Superdrug (here), Feelunique (here).

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