Sunday, 7 October 2018

Talika Lipocils Expert 70 Year Limited Edition

When a product has a 70 Year Limited Edition announcement, the first thing I want to know if 1) have I tried it and 2) If not, why not! If a product has been around for THAT long and we are talking just slightly older than my Gran, then I need to try it.

The product in question is the Talika Lipocils Expert 70 Year Limited Edition (£39) an eyelash growth and pigmentation gel. The story has it that Danielle Roches, a nurse in the Department of Ophthalmology in a Paris hospital during World War II, was helping to heal burn victims when she made a lucky discovery. After formulating a plant-based cataplasm, due to lack of medicines, she discovered the balm had a surprising secondary effect: it stimulated the growth of patients’ eyelashes and eyebrows.   In 1948 she started to market the "eyelash conditioning cream". This legendary product gave birth to Lipocils Expert, a serum that not only helps lashes grow longer but also brings out natural pigmentation and curl.

So, to celebrate Talika's 70-year anniversary, the brand revisits its Lipocils Expert best-seller with a very Parisian limited edition design, illustrated by Florence Balducci.  I am the first to admit that I was drawn to the product for its packaging, it is just stunning and given I am going to Paris in a few weeks time, I am a bit obsessed right now.
Powered by four patented complexes including the exclusive Legendary Botanical Complex (a natural blend of Witch Hazel, Apple, Nettle, Chestnut and St. John’s Wort) and anti-aging Peptide Expert this formula works to lengthen, curl and darken lashes within 28 days, correcting sparseness, brittleness and lack of curl, shine and resilience. The end result being that you should expect longer, stronger and fuller lashes with improved shine and overall health.

The one oddity about this entire product is the brush, it is a sort of mascara wand, brow spoolie come doe foot applicator all in one and its purpose is to coat your lashes using the doe foot applicator and then brush it through with the brush.  It looks weird but honestly, it makes sense when you do use it.  
Designed to be used day and night, on makeup-free eyes. It doesn't irritate or sting, it doesn't have a chemical scent, it doesn't feel heavy or gloopy and of course, if it gives you long luscious lashes, it is worth every penny!

You can find this Anniversary edition right here at SpaceNK for £39.

Have you tried Talika before?

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  1. A product that’s been around so long and I’ve not even heard of it! Must try it xx

  2. Oh wow it looks so nice! The packaging alone is stunning!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I can't believe that I've never heard of it given that it's been around for 70 years! I'd love an updated post with results xx


  4. It sounds interesting - that brush is very odd x

  5. Oh wow the packaging is gorgeous x

  6. This product sounds fascinating. I can't believe that I'd never heard of it before. The packaging is adorable.

  7. This sounds so interesting and the packaging is gorgeous! x

    Maiya |


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