Wednesday 10 October 2018

StarSkin Coco Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask

I love a good mask. A mask for my face, under eye, feet, hands and even my hair. Just lately I’ve had a little more time on my hands owing to a badly sprained ankle with torn ligaments, so I’ve made the most of pampering myself that little bit more because sitting down is pretty much all I have been able to do.
StarSkin Coco Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask

StarSkin Coco Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask

Part of my hair care routine is to enjoy a weekly mask or treatment and it is something I have been doing ever since I was in my teens and VO5 Hot Oil was the in thing to use. As I've got older, my hair has changed quite a lot. Gone is the bottom length naturally wavy hair and in its place is shoulder length straightened hair, which is much easier to manage. The mask I have used recently comes from Starskin and it is the Coco Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask and it is just beautiful.

Treat your tresses to the STARSKIN Coco-Nuts Nourishing Hot Oil Hair Mask, a deeply conditioning treatment to leave locks super-soft and silky. 
Using a powerful blend of natural oils such as:

  • Premium-grade Virgin Coconut Oil is blended with best hair superfoods to penetrate hair shaft to repair and nourish the hair (and scalp) from inside out.
  • Starflower Seed Oil – Thickening, 
  • Baobab Seed Oil – Nourishing, 
  • Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil – Volumizing 
  • Sacha Inchi Seed Oil – Strengthening.

These ingredients come together to penetrate the hair shaft to repair damage and strengthen hair strands from the inside out. Ideal for locks which need a bit of a boost, the pre-shampoo mask will help hair become shinier, stronger and visibly healthier.

Earlier in this review, I mention the Hot Oil I used to use on my hair and if you remember how to use it, then this is very similar. You either heat the unopened hair mask sachet in the microwave for 20 seconds or sit it (unopened) in a mug of hot water for 30 seconds. Before opening, remember it will be hot, so please be careful, but cutting along the dotted line, you massage the hot oil onto to your dry hair and scalp ensuring you cover everywhere from root to tip. Then, using the accompanying hair mask/shower cap, cover your head for 20 minutes and then rinse twice using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner if you feel you need too. You can also use this mask as an overnight treatment too and even though you are wearing the shower cap, I would advise leaving a towel on your pillow as to not stain it with the oils. 

What I love about the Starskin Coco Nuts Mask is that it is so easy to use and not as messy as I was expecting it to be. When pouring the oil onto my hair, I actually poured it slowly into the palm of my hand, so I could also check the temperature and then applied to my hair and scalp, brushing through with a wide-toothed comb to ensure I covered every possible part of my head and scalp.

Not only does this mask smell just incredible, if you love the scent of Coconuts, then you will absolutely love this because alongside that scent is also a slight hint of berries too. Coconut Oil is an amazing ingredient for your hair and my hair stylist told me that not only is it one of the only oils that can fully penetrate the hair shaft, it is also so incredibly hydrating that moisturises and nourishes too. Whenever your hair is feeling really lank and lacklustre, Coconut Oil is amazing at restoring life to your tresses.

This mask for my hair has been just amazing. I used it in place of my usual hair mask and honestly, the difference is incredible. My hair is soft, it is smooth, it has that just left the salon shine and styling is just a breeze, my hair straighteners ran through my hair easily and I have no flyway’s, a first for a very long time. Suitable for all hair types, including hair which has been coloured, this hair mask is free from parabens, phthalates, silicone, alcohol, mineral oils, sulphates, triclosan, mercury, artificial colouring and harsh chemical preservatives. StarSkin also recommends that you should use this mask at least 1-2 times a week, but for me, my hair feels so good after one use, I haven’t felt the need to use it quite so soon. This mask is priced at £8.50 and you can purchase it from LookFantastic, BeautyBay, Selfridges and Feelunique.

Have you ever tried anything from StarSkin before?! 

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