Wednesday 31 October 2018

No Poreblem New Products from touch In SOL

One of my favourite discoveries of 2018 has been touch In SOL, one that has allowed me to continue my obsession with all things Korean Beauty and one that has introduced new products that I didn't know I needed into my life. touch In SOL has appeared on this blog countless times and as a brand, it is described as one which embraces the spirit of Korean innovation, is fun, innovative and uses some of the most advanced technologies out there.
New Products from touch In SOL
No Poreblem New Products from touch In SOL
One of the most recognized products, the hero product if you like is No Poreblem. If you have never tried it then you need to, but alongside the primer are two more products that have joined the No Poreblem family and here they are.

First, we have the No Poreblem Priming Eraser, a product which is so different to a lot of primers I have ever used, this one comes in a stick format which makes it a perfect on-the-go companion. The stick itself is easy to grip and it is designed to help blur pores and conceal fine lines, it is also smoothing, mattifying and has a non-crease formula too.
touch in SOL No Poreblem Priming Eraser
touch in SOL No Poreblem Priming Eraser
touch in SOL No PoreBLEM Priming Eraser Sponge
The idea with this Eraser is that you use it as the final stage of your basic skincare. So once you have cleansed, toned, added serums and moisturising cream, you then, apply the primer to the areas of your face you wish to 'blur' in order to create that perfect canvas and then, using the opposite side of the pen where there is a smudging cushion, you even everything out. I prefer to use a beauty blender, but the smudger does work a treat.

If you have oily skin or, as in my case combination skin which leans to the oily side, then this Priming Eraser does an incredible job at mattifying and essentially absorbing all the excess sebum which lingers on the skin.

Secondly, is the newest arrival and that is the touch In SOL No Poreblem Priming Water - This is the product I have been the most excited about getting my hands on, ever since I was teased with it at a viewing! Described as being a base primer for hydration and the soothing of your skin, this priming water is like nothing else I have tried - and I've tried a lot of primers.
touch in SOL Priming Water
touch in SOL Priming Water Nob
Using Bulgarian rose water, which is 100% pure and undiluted, is obtained by steam distillation from fresh rose blossoms and it smells exactly like walking through a rose garden, it is that incredible. The rose water is however there for a reason, the active ingredients provide both anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits for the skin which makes it work perfectly as a hydrating makeup primer and a mid-afternoon refresher.

It arrives in a squeezy tube and for me, there are two ways within which you can use it. Firstly, if you have clean hands, you can squirt onto the palms of your hands and pat onto the skin or you can do the exact same but with a cotton pad, it all comes down to preference but both options work just as well.  Unlike the Eraser, the priming water is designed to be used before you apply any makeup to give you that hydrated base.  What I love is how smooth my skin feels after using, it gives an almost identical feel to that I get when using a serum (which I use as well). 

Of course, the product which started it all off is the original No Poreblem Primer, the one item I have repurchased time and time again because it is that good. We all know that a good primer is an essential part of your arsenal if you want your makeup to sit right, last longer and look fabulous and for me, this is where No Poreblem comes to life.
touch in SOL No PoreBLEM
If you have combination/oily skin and want to control that excess sebum, then this primer will tick all of those boxes. If you want to minimise the look of those pesky pores, again that is another tick in the box, obviously, it doesn't get rid of them, but it does minimise them. For me, I have combination oily skin and there are certain days of the month when I need all the help I can get to defeat that mid-afternoon shine and when that happens, No Poreblem is the primer for me. Enriched with Green tea extract which provides soothing antioxidant benefits, building an invisible barrier to the elements and Collagen which protects skin as well as helping it to look firm, smooth and healthy. 

touch In SOL have thought this through and have made this primer pump action, so it is easier to use, you can control how much or how little you need and there is then very little waste. To use, you only need a few pumps to ensure you cover the parts of your face that need it the most and once it has settled, it creates a really lovely velvety finish. This is one of my favourite discoveries to date.

Now available via ASOS, Feelunique. Cult Beauty, BeautyMart and Selfridges and it is priced at £18.

Have you tried anything from touch in SOL?

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