Thursday 4 October 2018

J.One Jelly Cream and Jelly Pack

J.One is a brand I am very much obsessed with. The brainchild of Ha Ji-Won, an award-winning actress and Korean Influencer, the aim of the brand is to streamline the much coveted multi-step Korean skin care ritual, one which often involves 10 different steps! Being able to shave minutes off your skincare routine in a morning whilst still using the best products made from the best ingredients is more than eye-catching and lust-worthy. Whilst I am wanting to save those extra few precious minutes, I don't want to compromise on what works for me.
J.One Jelly Cream and Jelly Pack
J.One Jelly Cream and Jelly Pack
My first ever J.One product was the Multifunctional Gel Primer (full review here), a product which sells one tube every 15 seconds but in Korea, over 5 million were sold within just three shows.  New to my stash is the J.One Black Jelly Pack and the Jelly Cream and they are every bit as fantastic as I knew they would be and they totally play into my obsession with all things K-Beauty.

Described as being 'The perfect partner to J.One’s bestselling Jelly Pack' J.One Black Jelly Pack is to all intents and purposes the nighttime version and just as multi-tasking. I adore the texture, it is as the name suggests, almost jelly like with a slight black hint of colour to it, but upon contact with the skin, the jelly quickly liquifies so it can be absorbed quicker.  I love that it has a pump action dispenser and have found that I only need just the one pump per use.

J.One Jelly Cream and Jelly Pack

I use this product as an overnight/Sleeping Mask a few times a week and what I love is just how it feels on my skin. There is an instant hit of hydration and as it is packed full of just incredible ingredients, it is not a surprise. Using black cumin seed to help combat congestion, blackcurrant, truffle, blackberry, black bee propolis and black pearl all of which work together to make this sleeping pack firming, moisturising, plumping and packed full of antioxidants which work to neutralise the damaging effects of free radicals.

The following morning, having given this mask the chance to work its magic, the one notable difference for me is how soft and smooth my skin feels, how hydrated it looks and gone is the dullness that builds from living in a polluted capital city.   This is one of the best overnight products I have used in a very long time and I already have a back up ready for when this one runs out.  Priced at £36 you can find it via Lookfantastic and Cult Beauty.

The J.One Jelly Cream has been on my watch list for some time, as soon as I saw it on my social media feed. Referred to as a multifunctional Moisturiser that works to plump, firm and brighten your complexion.

J.One Jelly Cream and Jelly Pack

I was expecting this cream to be quite a heavy texture as it is fortified with Manuka Honey and an ingredient called Fullerene which is a powerful antioxidant and Nobel Prize winner, but instead what you get is a lightweight silky cream-gel which instantly melts onto the skin and gives a hit of hydration. Also found within this cream is a blend of Sugar Cane and Royal Jelly Extracts promote a soft, radiant complexion with a luminous glow.  

When using this cream, you need just the smallest pea sized amount and I switch to using this cream when my skin is really dry to the touch, which over the past few weeks has been a godsend.  As soon as it absorbs entirely, my skin feels dramatically smoother and if I am not in a hurry, I apply a slightly thicker layer and allow it to sink in naturally without too much massaging. Priced at £32 you can find it via Lookfantastic and Cult Beauty.

Without question, I absolutely love using both of these products and if Korean Beauty is something you are yet to explore, then J.One is an amazing place to start.

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