Thursday, 1 February 2018

The best hair products to keep your hair fresh and healthy

Not only do you want your hair to look good and smell good, you want it to be healthy. You want it to shine, look radiant, and look clean. Whether you are the type of person who works out every day and needs something to give your hair that “fresh, just washed look/feel”, or are looking for the best scalp care treatment available, there are hundreds of hair-care products out there. So, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Consider a few of these products for hair care, to not only keep your hair looking and smelling great, but also keep it healthy. 
Restorative shampoo – Yes, just as the name states, it will restore natural oils and restore healthy, shiny hair. It helps improve scalp itching, it will penetrate the fibres of your hair, touch on the roots, and generally restore dingy, dirty, or damaged hair strands. It will keep your hair looking oily and shiny. You can use this in between washes, and go back and forth with your traditional shampoo, when you notice your hair is in need of a “pick me up”. 

(Super) Absorbent towel – A microfiber towel will dry your hair quickly; and, it will dry it completely, unlike the towel you use after a bath. It will do so softly and will not damage, or pull at your hair’s roots either. It won’t do damage to your hair, won’t cause your hair to frizz, or cause it to have that static-connection, as is typical after you wash and dry with your bath towel. Choose a dedicated towel for hair drying, and look for a thick, super-absorbing, microfiber material if possible. 

Conditioning mask – A conditioning mask will do just that: Mask your hair! Like the restorative shampoo, this will mask the imperfections of your hair. It helps to promote hydration, helps the hair grow quicker and stronger, restores shine, brilliance, and seals the cuticles of your hair. It also has UV protection, to help protect from sun damage. 

UV & Heat protectant – Even if you do not come into direct contact with sunlight often, UV and heat damage fry your hair (literally). So, it is going to look frail, it is going to tear, the roots are going to deteriorate over time. The end results? Your hair looks dull, lacks shine, and feels heavy. This will naturally give it that bounce, light feel, and restore your hair and scalp which has been damaged by sun rays and light. The right product helps treat dehydration and restores hair cuticle growth. If you would like to see some reviews on some of the products mentioned then can provide you with an insight into the best products available.

Whether you work all day in the hot sun, wash your hair daily, or exercise daily, your hair and scalp need to be treated with care. The right hair care products can work wonders on damaged, frail hair. For women (and men), who want to ensure the healthy shine and vibrancy, and want their hair to grow in longer, thicker, and fuller, these are some products to consider investing in, for your routine haircare regimen each day. 

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  1. I really need to get some of these products, I've noticed my hair is really dry lately.

  2. I think I need that towel. My hair is really thick so it takes AGES to dry!

  3. I need to get one of those towels, my hair is so thick it is a nightmare!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I really need to buy one of these towels! xx


  5. I have one of the towels and they’re so good! X


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