Saturday 16 December 2017

Foods to avoid if you’re looking for a dazzling, white smile

We all want a beautiful, Hollywood smile, right? It seems that everyone on TV, in film, and those Celebs we follow in magazines all have a stunning, white smile. But not everyone has access to the latest tooth whitening treatments, and the cost of whitening toothpastes can soon add up! So what can you do to avoid tooth staining? 
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Well, here you’ll find a few hints and tips to help get you a step closer to the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Remember – speak to your local dentist – or click here for dental treatment in Surrey – if you want to discuss tooth whitening with a professional.
Common beverages that are problematic for your teeth
Tea and coffee - Bad news if you love a drink or 4! Tea and coffee have staining properties and drinking large amounts can also strip away the enamel on your teeth. Teas of all colours, even white tea, have been shown to stain teeth and erode enamel.
Red Wine - Not only can red wine stain teeth; white wine can as well. Believe it or not, white wine is more acidic than red, which may cause more damage and discoloration to the teeth!
Energy and fizzy drinks - Sports and fizzy drinks also damage tooth enamel and discolour teeth. Both light and dark sodas, because of their acidity, also cause discoloration and even encourage further staining from foods.
Common foods that are problematic for your teeth
Pasta Sauce - Because of their acidity, bright red hue and tendency to cling to the teeth, the tomatoes in pasta sauce can leave your teeth vulnerable to staining. Instead, why not dine on some dark green veggies, such as broccoli, kale and spinach, beforehand to create a protective film over your teeth? The film will ward off tomatoes' staining effect, so go for a green salad as your starter!
Curry - A Saturday night staple in many households, curry, a spice that works well in Indian food and exotic dishes, but is also a cause of discoloured teeth. Its deep pigmentation can yellow teeth over time. Due to its high staining factor, curry is something you may want to limit in your diet. But if you don’t want to give up your weekend treat, then whenever you do dine on curry-spiced food, mix in some fresh fruits and vegetables that can prevent stains; such as apples, carrots, cauliflower and celery.
Balsamic Vinegar - We all know that balsamic vinegar is a healthy salad dressing, but did you know that it can also darken your teeth! The reason? Its dark natural colour, of course! It also sticks to your teeth, which can lead to staining if it's not quickly brushed away. But don’t worry, you don't have to suffer boring salads from now on or give up on this light salad dressing. Whenever you have a salad with balsamic vinegar, be sure to include a crunchy lettuce; chewing the lettuce will help clean the staining balsamic vinegar from your teeth as you eat! Simple!

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