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Summer Romance: Tips To Should Follow

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Today we want to talk about summer flings and romances. According to the international sociological surveys, almost half of adults have flirted or had more intimate contacts during their summer vacations. Only one-third of them cherish the hope of bumping into their true love at some beach bar. Others think of a summer romance as a great way to spend time with pleasure. What should you do to get the most out of your summer affair? There are certain rules to keep in mind.

Be different but be yourself
Your vacation is a perfect occasion to finally let your hair down and do the things you like. If you are fond of museums and theatres, there is no point in suffering in the company of the man who calls it boring. And vice versa. On the other hand, it’s not necessary to run to an extreme. Revealing outfit, such as minis, and bright makeup are possible but optional. If you don’t feel comfortable, it will be difficult for you to enjoy anything including flirting. So, don’t try to impress, but be yourself.

Leave your worries at home
It’s unreasonable to go on a vacation and hope to meet a prince charming if you are depressed and have a baggage of negative thoughts. You should be psychologically ready even for such casual affair. You should decide what will be better for you. Perhaps, you just need to rest and recreate and focus on yourself. 

Seduce and allow yourself to be seduced
There are many restrictions and conventions in our everyday life. A lack of time often prevents us from listening to our desires and trying to fulfill them. Take advantage of freedom your vacation gives you. Don’t be afraid of meeting men and taking the initiative if you feel like it.

Don’t be too picky
Of course, you have a set of requirements for your long-term partner. But the advantage of summer romance is that you can have it even with anyone you feel attracted to without thinking about any perspectives. If you used to date serious and successful men, you can meet a local guy who can offer you nothing but his charisma and home-made wine.

Focus on the present
If you meet a guy, don’t picture your future with him immediately and don’t use him to recover from a bad previous relationship. The beauty of a summer romance lies in that you can live in the now without looking back or ahead. It’s easy not to think where it may lead you. Just liberate yourself from expectations and obsessions.

Fulfill your fantasy or dream
A summer romance is not a regular affair. It’s a kind of improved reality otherwise it wouldn’t be considered as a special type of relations. That is why it should be a different experience that you’ll remember or be proud of. Focus on your desires and dreams. Maybe, you want to have a romantic date night with a sea captain on a yacht. Maybe, you are after having a fling with a stranger.

Let it develop gradually
Even though it’s a short romance, it should go through all stages of a regular romance. The first stage is flirting. The second step is a kiss inspired by a beautiful landscape. The first physical contact (touching) will happen when he’ll apply sunscreen on your back. The main question whether to have or not to take things further should be left for you to answer. Remember that spontaneity is the main rule of a summer romance. Relax and go with the current.

Part easily
You should realize that your summer romance has its time limits. You’ll miss that adventure but you need to understand that you will miss not your admirer but the way you felt during your romance. So, keep those memories and draw conclusions but wave goodbye with ease. 

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