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How to exercise for the best results

With hundreds of workouts, regimes and new fitness crazes out there that can easily confuse you into wondering what it is you really should be doing. They all promise to give you the magic results you have always dreamed of, but do these fancy moves and routines actually work?
How to exercise for the best results
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Don’t worry; the fitness world can be overwhelming for the most experienced gym goer’s, let alone someone just starting out their fitness journey.

Weightlifting is formerly known to be for just the Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like, but the basis of his training is now becoming more and more popular among young women, women aged 40+ and all in-between. There is still space in your fitness regime for cardio, but if you want effective results the best road to go down is the weightlifting one.

This article will explain how to use cardio, and weightlifting in your fitness regime for the best results.

Cardio is short for cardiovascular, this type of exercise can sometimes be long, slow and boring. Practice includes running, cycling, rowing or even walking and all of them test your stamina over a long duration.

Most people find cardio very difficult, especially running, and it can sometimes cause them to give up on their fitness journey before it has even begun. It is also difficult to create a balanced physique through cardio alone, which can also throw some people off. Let me explain…

When losing fat through cardio, you have no control of where the fat comes off. Usually, it’s all over, thus creating a smaller version of your current self. Most people attain this goal and then are still unhappy because they have achieved no shape or curves.
However, there are some pros to cardio exercise; these include that fact that there is little need for rest in between sessions in comparison to weight training. Cardio also has a low barrier to entry and many different activities can be classed as cardio, often it can be easy to perform cardio without realising it.

Weight training
Weight training is a quick and effective way to change your body shape, and it is also really fun as well! Even the very unfit will have no trouble getting into weight training as it is easily adjustable, you can start with really low weight and increase your way up.
Strength training also offers you the ability to be able to grow muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Remember when discussing cardio, I mentioned that you cannot control where the fat comes off, well with weight training you have more control over this. You can choose to train certain body parts that will increase the muscle mass of the chosen area, toning and firming this area.

Lifting up weights also causes a sustained spike in metabolism, meaning that you continue to burn calories after you finish training. This means you can be burning calories while sitting still, watching TV and even sleeping.

The only downfall you may experience with weight training is an increase in hunger; this can make it difficult to control your diet. However, in order to have the strength to lift heavy weights, you do need to eat enough calories, but they should be from good sources. These are lean proteins, good carbs, fruits and vegetables.

The overall verdict is to contribute an 80/20 approach to your workouts. 80% should be weight training and 20% should be cardio. Use the cardio at the beginning of your workout to get your heart rate up and ready your body for weight training, but don’t spend too long on it.

A 10-minute jog or a 15-minute brisk walk is plenty to warm your body up and get all the benefits of cardio. Then move on to weight training, create a strength training plan and follow it on every workout.

Fitness is the first step in increasing your confidence, health and overall well-being. There are lots of other health and beauty tips to help improve your health and well-being and increase your confidence. Look after your mind, body and soul for a blissful and content life.

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