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How To Choose The Right Nail Colour For Your Outfit

When you see the variety of nail polish colours today, you realise and I understand you how hard, it`s making the right choice and pick the appropriate nail colour for your outfit. For some women, it's a huge problem. So I think I can give you some advice how to pick the proper nail colour in such a way that your nails to go with your outfit. 

How To Choose The Right Nail Color For Your Outfit
When I say that I want to give you some advice I mean that when I have a problem and can`t to choose the nail colour for my clothes I`m guided by several general rules which always help me. Now I`d like to share them with you.

Don't Try To Go “Matchy-Matchy”
Firstly, stop trying to select your nail colour to a particular piece of clothes like if you're going to wear a purple skirt you have to choose only among purple nails designs. That`s wrong! Don't get hung up on one piece of clothes, start picking nail colour in such a way that it can work well with most of your outfits. Really, it's not so difficult to do. For example, if you like striped clothes and striped outfits occupy much space in the wardrobe don't be afraid to colour stripes on your nails. There are colours such as red and green or yellow and blue that have a great contrast, but if you decide to pair them together into your nails they will look fabulous.

Look Also For The Inspiration In Your Accessory, Bag Or Shoes
A nice way to make sure that your nail colour matches with your outfit, is to match it with your accessories. If you're wearing a blue wristband you can choose a blue colour for your nails without a doubt. If you like jewellery with large stones you can colour your nails of the colour of the stone on your ring. Gold jewellery and a gold shade of your nail polish work well together and make your look more delicate.

Play With Contrast
Looking for the best nail polish for your outfit don't forget about the great power of contrast. If you're wearing the one-color dress you can pick a contrasting colour for your nails or even experiment with colourful nail art. Wearing the printed dress it would be better to go for one colour tone nails and make sure that it matches to your look and in any way doesn't contrast with it.

Use Basic Nail Colours
In the case when you don`t know how to match your outfit with nail polish pay your attention to the basic nail polishes. Nudes, pastel colours or French manicure will go perfectly with any type of outfit that you like wearing.

Some stylists say that your nail polish must never match to your outfit while others state it looks gorgeous. So, my main advice is to choose the nail polish based on your outfit and go with your innate colour sense.

Do you have any hints and tips on how to choose the right nail colour for your outfit?

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  1. I legit just put whatever colour I'm feeling I never really think about it xx
    Lauren Catherine

  2. I do love a fresh manicure but I'm rubbish at doing my own. I need a trip to the salon. Mich X

  3. I'm terrible at matching my nails with my outfit - great tips!

  4. I do my own gel nails so I keep the same colour for around 2-3 weeks so I always plan my outfits around my nail colour haha.

  5. This is brilliant advise because you can make use of nail varnish shades you already own instead of buying new matching shades with outfits.

  6. I must admit, I rarely match! I love going for contrast shades!

  7. Those Smith + Cult shades look so nice, I've never used them!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  8. I never think to match my nails to my outfit! Great post :)

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

  9. These look like lovely shades, I just go for the colour I fancy that day rather than choosing a colour specifically most of the time.

    Kristy |

  10. Great tips, I usually go for neutral colours as I could change my outfit last minute!

  11. Great tips, I like to wear a nude day to day but then mix it up at weekends with a bright shade. I always think bright pink goes with a lot.

  12. I just choose a shade I like, I don't match it to anything, I do like my toes and fingers to match though, so usually go for french manicure on my toes then it'll match my fingers anytime ha ha xxx

  13. Haha I never plan I just throw on whatever colour I love the look of!

  14. I never even think about this! If only I had the time to be that planned and organised!

    Gemma x |

  15. I haven't painted my nails in so long - i can never be bothered! But these colours are totally worth it.

  16. This is a super informative post, I will be coming back to it when I figure out how to stop biting mine!

  17. I honestly never give it any thought, I like to clash ha!

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