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Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles For Every Hair

When it comes to special events, girls become obsessed about how they’re gonna look. And it’s natural because such great days as prom happen only once in a lifetime – isn’t it a good reason to do your best in creating an incredible image? Besides being unforgettable, the hairstyle should also be comfortable enough (you don’t want to spend all day, fixing your hair every single minute, do you?).
Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles For Every Hair
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The beauty industry moves on, offering a variety of prom hairstyle ideas for any type and length of the locks. The world stylists come up with fresh and new hairstyle trends that will emphasise your attractiveness, individuality, femininity, and also your natural beauty.

If you’re looking for a chick and fashionable prom hairdo that will work perfectly for your hair, check out these gorgeous ideas.

Incredible Prom Hairstyle for LONG BLONDE HAIR
Obviously, long healthy hair is in a much better position than short or damaged one. You can do whatever you want with your long, shiny locks, creating real masterpieces out of uncomplicated and effortless hair-twists.

OK, my hair is long, but it’s not that beautiful… what to do? – Dye it! Nowadays there exists a bunch of different colouring techniques, which are so natural-looking, and balayage is one of them. It involves super soft highlights that are a little lighter than your real hair colour.

When you’re satisfied with your hair condition and colour, it’s time to get to the hairdo. Make a waterfall braid around the top of your head, loosen it a bit and curl the strands, flowing down the shoulders.

Prom Updo for THICK & LONG HAIR
If your locks are not only long but also very thick, flowing hair for prom is not the best idea. That’s where a good old low updo comes in handy. Here your hairdresser will be able to play with braiding and twisting while creating your unique elegant style. Remember that the more hair you have, the better low updo you get!

Fantastic Prom Idea for PURPLE OMBRE HAIR
Bright colours can become a resolution for girls, who are sick of bulky and so complicated updos. If you dream about a prom hairstyle, which is simple but eye-catching, ombre experiments are exactly what you need. Choose the colours that suit you and don’t forget about a marvellous blowout if you want to turn an everyday look into a work of art!

Perfection in each detail is the motto of prom girls. Louboutin, Sherri Hill, Swarovski… and what about the hairstyle? This part of your image shouldn’t be omitted, and it’s better to think about it in advance, especially if you’re planning to have your hair dyed. Look, how incredible this reverse ombre for medium blonde hair is! Add slight waves – and voilĂ : you’re a queen of the ball!

Stylish Prom Pixie for NATURAL SHORT HAIR
Most girls with short hair are sure that they can’t even dream about beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous hairstyles because of the length. Don't get yourself in a tizzy! Today there are lots of options how to rock even the shortest hair for some special day, such as this pretty pixie for super short dark hair.

Prom Accessory Extensions for SHORT BOB HAIR
Try to spice up your look with soft curls near the face, they will create a charming, sweet and gentle image for the prom. If you feel that after styling your short hair you’re still dissatisfied, opt for accessories. Floral pins, thin ribbons, hair jewellery - choose whatever you like, what suits your eyes or matches the dress colour, this part of your prom look is completely up to you!

Romantic Prom Style for Girls with THIN HAIR
Romantic loose updos not only look so sweet and feminine but also can help to solve the thin hair issue. Even if you have three hairs on your head, your prom hairstyle can look charming without chignons and toupees. Give preference to light and airy locks, bouffants, use flowers, and accessories. For a unique hairstyle, choose an unusual and massive braiding with a tiara. Such hairdos show the neck, emphasise the cheekbones and the bend of the shoulders. In a word, it’s all covered!

Did you have a school prom? How was your hair styled?

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  1. There was no school prom in my day but these are great ideas.

  2. Ah I miss prom hair! I got so much inspiration from magazines back in the day x

  3. I never went to prom but this is a lovely post xxx

  4. I remember doing mine for university balls, so much deciding how to have it. I usually went with down.

  5. I love this time of year to see all of the girls in their prom dresss xx
    Lauren Catherine

  6. Wow! What beautiful hair styles. Prom or not, I'd love to have one. Especially updos .. my daughter always says they make her feel like a movie star!

  7. I never went to my prom but I probably would have had my hair dressed down in curls. They are some beautiful hairstyles though x

  8. I have really really thick hair, which can be a nightmare for events. Getting an undercut was a game changer for me, it has allowed my hair to be normal thickness, and now I can do curls without it looking silly :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  9. Those are gorgeous hairstyles. We didn't have proms when I was at school which was a shame so I never got to go to one.

  10. It's been so many years since my prom. I wore my hair up and danced the night away. Made me reminisce about the past! Xx

  11. Such pretty styles, I went for curls for mine!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  12. These are all such pretty styles! I was obsessed with straightening my hair within an inch of it's life, so I just had it down and straightened for my prom :D

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

  13. These look lovely, I loved having my hair done for prom all those years ago. I went for a half up half down do.

    Kristy |

  14. I did go to prom but it was such a long time ago I really cannot remember how I styled my hair. I have a pixie cut now so it's a bit harder to do as many things with it but these are some fantastic tips

    Laura x

  15. These are all looks a pretty style and I would love to do this to my niece for her debut.

  16. Proms weren't really a thing when I went to school - I think I missed out!

    Gemma x |

  17. Back in my day, just after the dinosaurs, we had a Uni ball rather than a school prom. I had this amazing vintage 1950's ball gown, all green and gold, so I wanted to look the part. I went to my hairdresser to get a fabulous up-do. At the moment, my favourite style is beach curls, just need the patience to get the look right.

  18. I didn't go to my prom (I went to a festival) and I kick myself for that!


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