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The Beauty Regime You Need To Survive Summer 2017

As soon as spring ends, our wardrobes and beauty regimes are all about embracing the (hopefully) scorching summer heat. With the changing seasons comes changes to our lifestyles and routines to reflect the summer sun. From our food habits to skin and hair we are starting to get ready for summertime.
The Beauty Regime You Need To Survive Summer 2017

Here we discuss the beauty products you need to have a beauty regime ready to embrace summer 2017:

A Pearly White Smile
Very often our beauty regimes target the skin and hair but never really tackle our teeth. This can mean that even with beautiful skin, fantastic hair and a great pair of shorts we can be sat with discoloured teeth that aren’t doing anything for our confidence.

When summer arrives you should make sure to book in for an appointment with London City Smiles to talk about a smile transformation. This might be a teeth whitening or even a complete cosmetic dentistry smile makeover. Whatever your teeth need, London City Smiles can help.

A Good Face Wash For Fresh Glowing Skin
In the sunny days, your skin is bound to get affected by the scorching heat. In this case, it is important that you use a good face wash to remove the impurities from your skin and keep it free from oil and dirt. The face wash will play a vital role in keeping your skin clean and fresh.

Moisturise Deeply
You may think that as winters are gone, you can escape from those time-consuming lotions to moisturise your skin. But, it is not true. Your skin will need the same amount of moisturiser even in the hot sunny days. 

Lock in your bodies natural moisture by applying oil or a good moisturiser immediately after the shower. It will lock in the natural oils of your skin and maintain the moisture keeping your skin hydrated.

Right Shampoo And Conditioner
Just like your skin, your scalp also needs good care in the summertime. The heat of the sun will make your scalp go dry even more so if you go for a sunbathe or swimming. This is because the chlorine will affect your hair and scalp badly and will make it dry. So, it is very important that you use the right shampoo and conditioner before you step in the sea or the swimming pool.

Use A Good Sunscreen
On the hot sunny days, it is crucial that you protect your skin from the scorching heat. For this, you can use a good sunscreen which will give you a protective shield against the burning heat. It will also prevent the skin from getting burnt.

Make sure that you are protected with a good sunscreen before you step out in the scorching heat. Also, see to it that your sunscreen lotion contains a good amount of SPF that will help your skin combat the heat.

Replace Those Soap Bars With Mild Shower Gels
In the summers, give your skin some rest from the tiring effects of soap which can heavily dry out your skin. Try using shower gels instead that do not have a high amount of pH which is harmful to your skin like soap does.

All that is left to do now is enjoy your summer!

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  1. Great post! I always start with my feet - after hiding for months, they need some TLC! xx


  2. I really need to invest in a good quality suncream.

  3. Some super tips here - I'm all for having lovely white teeth; in fact I've even looked into veneers to get me an ideal smile. For now (until I win the lotto!) I'll stick with teeth whitening :-)

  4. Such great tips - I need to look after my skin more. Kaz x

  5. I have to admit to enjoying Spring more than Summer, the heat plays havoc with my skin.

  6. Fab post, I really need to try and take care of my skin in the summer I don't do heat at all well.

  7. fab post! A Pearly White Smile is always a good idea no matter the season. R

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  9. What a great idea to ditch the soap in Summer, this is something I never really think of - I'm addicted to Bliss soap bars.

  10. Thank you for sharing! A white smile will be my first consideration for me. And I will remember every tips.

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  11. I always agree that its a really good thing to moisturise. I do it a lot. Exfoliation is a big one for me to,

  12. It amazes me how many people think they don't need to moisturise much in Summer.

  13. I think this is the perfect regim for a young girl. But honestly, I'm too lazy. I'm too lazy to clean my face out of make up in the evening, and there is no care routin for my skin. I study well at the college, but only because I skillfully write off. Advise me something! How to overcome laziness

    Bianca |

  14. I'm currently training my younger brother. And these pencils are a good option. I hope he will not be chewing on them.

    Thanks Beth, as always <3

    - Bianca


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