Friday, 20 January 2017

The 6 best reasons why Ukraine should be your next holiday destination!

In Europe, Ukraine stands among one of the most visited countries. Spread over 603,628 square kilometers, Ukraine has a population of 45.59 million and the capital of the country, Kiev, is something that you should definitely visit. It sports some of the best churches, castles, squares, buildings and landscapes among other things to offer. If you are a traveller who wishes to explore new destination, Ukraine is one of the best spots to visit.

For people who seek interest in unknown places and the pristine nature in the old architectural backdrop, Ukraine is the best destination you can head to. We bring to you a list of six places that you definitely have to visit whenever you are planning to go to Ukraine:

1 Castle in Gaspra
Set in the middle of Yalta and Alupka in Crimea, this decorative castle is 40 meters high and is inspired by the Neo-Gothic design. It was built between 1911 and 1912 by a Russian architect named Leonid Sherwood. It offers stunning views of the Black Sea coast and it is a prominent place in the south coast Crimea.

2. Chervonograd, Bridge Over Waterfall
Thousands of people visit Chervonograd, Bridge over Waterfall which is located in the waterfall city of Chervonograd. Not many people know about this place and it definitely is a place worth visiting. With crystal clear water flowing down the rocky terrain, the small mountains in the vicinity are green and have some ancient trees, taking you back in time in this serene and lovely place.

3. Former Leipzig Hotel, Pushcha-Voditsa
Pushcha-Voditsa is a historic town and is located in the dense forests and is in the proximity of Kiev. It has several antique buildings that you would love to visit and it will an amazing experience indeed! The Former Leipzig Hotel should be your choice of stay when you are there.

4. Old Church, Kremenets, Ternopil Region
Kremenets has a rich history and it is one of the towns to have witnessed the sad Holocaust. With such rich history involved, you will definitely have to visit this place to explore and know more about history. The botanical garden, architectural buildings and other places of interest are definitely worth your attention and you would have to be here!

5. St. Sophia, Kiev
A marvellous architectural monument and known as one of the best heritage sites in Ukraine, it has made to the World Heritage List and dates back to the 6th century. It is also accounted for one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine and is of high cultural and historical significance.

6. Golden Monastery, Pochaiv
One of the most spiritual places in Ukraine, it is a monastery on a 60 meter hell in Pochaiv and it was started by several monks during the Mongol invasion. It offers scenic views and has multiple places of attraction from within, making it one among the must-visit places in Ukraine. 

So why wait?

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  1. It is not a typical destination for holidays, so it is nice to see that The Ukraine has some stunning places to visit. Looks fab, definitely worth a consider.

  2. I'd love to take more long weekend breaks within Europe. I'll have to add this to the list as it looks really interesting :)

  3. Strange choice for traveling - there is war in Ukraine right now, in its Eastern part. And Crimea is Russia now.

  4. Ooh it's not somewhere I would ever really consider but it sounds fab and so interesting too!

  5. oh its not somewhere i would have even concidered, it does look pretty but then again so do a lot of the places i wouldnt dream of visiting! lol

  6. I have heard a lot about Ukraine but I've never actually been. It does sound wonderful though....maybe one day...!

  7. Definitely not typical but it's one that my relative is from so I feel like I should go one day and have a look. Plus, most of them would know Russian I feel so maybe it'll be easier to travel for me. Also those places you mention are beautiful as I've heard about them before.

  8. There are many places in that part of the world that I would like to visit. As Ukraine, they all look magic :) x

  9. I have a long list of places I want to visit. Now added the UKraine

  10. I like Ukraine as well as other Slavic countries, but Poland is my favourite:D I can recommend it for your next trip:) Amazing Tatra Mountains, Masurian Lake District, Baltic Sea and many more nice places:)

  11. Hi, it is nice to hear such great opinion about Ukraine, because I am living here :) You are welcome here in any time :) It is very beautiful counrty and you should definitely visit Lviv :)

  12. I've never thought to go there but it looks lovely x

  13. A friend who used to live there mentioned most of these places as a must read but gave warning for people of colour too.


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