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Christmas Presents for Cats

This year so many people have asked me whether or not this post would appear after the one I wrote last year and I thought long and hard about it before deciding yes it would.  I buy presents for my cats just like people buy them for their children and that includes Christmas of course, though I am sure they would just prefer a box and some wrapping paper and maybe a bit of tinsel!

That aside, there are more and more products becoming available for animals at Christmas whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, rabbit or even a goldfish, you will find something suitable for that animal to join in and share the festivites with you.  
Gift Guide For Cats
The amazing Cat Cottage - Available on Etsy for £70 this Cat Cottage is handmade from sustainable wood it features a carpeted wood roof, has sisal edging and detailing and is painted in buttermilk colour. Inside cushion included, wadding with cream cotton fleece cover, washable. Pure comfort and luxury!

Happypet Cat Scratcher Cat Tree Activity Centre Scratching Post - Available for £34.95 on Amazon this type of product is a must for cats in my opinion. Cats love to climb and scratch and if they have nothing of their own to do that on, then they are more than willing to use your sofa, door frames and anything else they can get their claws into!

Dreamies - My cats will do anything for this stuff, we jokingly call it kitty crack at home because whatever it is they are doing, as soon as they hear a rustle, everything stops and they come bounding into the kitchen to get their treats.  This tin is currently £4.99 from Petplanet and it contains 5 packets of treats.

Purrfect Arch: Cat Self-Grooming & Massaging Toy - We have this for our three boys and they absolutely love it. Priced at £19.99, though it is usually on offer for half price, the arch is infused with catnip to capture your cats attention and the arch helps the cats to remove loose fur which cuts down on shedding and therefore fur balls from grooming and at the same time, it massages your cat.

There are two subscription boxes which are well worthy of gifting to friends who have cats, love cats or both.  The first is My-Purrfect Box which is designed for the cats and is packed full of toys, treats and food. As a monthly box it comes with a host of subscription options to suit your needs and it is one my three love.  The second is MyPurrfectgiftbox which has been designed for both the cat lover and the cat in mind.  Depending on your subscription choice there is 3-5 full sized items, all of a cat theme nature.

FroliCat™ Chatter™ Automatic Cat Teaser - Keep you kitty amused throughout the day with the Chatter teaser! This automatic teaser toy wobbles and chirps, plus it features a 'Play While You Are Away mode' – purrfect for spontaneous playtimes! Priced at £18.99 it is definitely something my three would play with!

Cat weave scratcher - Again, my three love to have something to scratch and at £3.99 this is an absolute bargain and is something I have repurchased a few times now. Made from cardboard it is safe, durable and recyclable. 

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit - An exciting cat toy which can be expanded and varied as you wish. It is a great way to exercise your cat's dexterity and to indulge your pet's natural hunting instincts. This is without question Hectors favourite toy and one he has played with since he was just 8 weeks old and now, a year on, finds it just as entertaining. Priced at just £7.99 it is money well spent.

FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy - Interactive laser pointer for cats, with in-built timer for interactive playing fun with your kitty. This is something Hector would love as he just adores the laser pen I have. He will happily sit and meow at the laser beam as I move it around the room, so this is just a robotic version of said toy. Priced at £18.99 it isn't as cheap as a laser pen which will cost less than £5 but it is fun.

Sound-Mouse Cat Toy - This is a toy I am likely to purchase because it sounds amazing. Inside this cheeky mouse is a sound chip that reacts to the slightest touch, giving out such lifelike squeaks that your cat can't help but give chase. The mouse is attached to an elastic cord; use the rod to play exciting hunting games with your cat and all for just £1.99!

Fleece Blanket - My cats all have their own fleece blankets which I picked up from my local Primark for £3 and they love to sleep on them,  

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  1. Genius! :-D pets are family and totally deserve prezzies too

  2. Such a cute gift guide, aww! My cat is the same with Dreamies. Goes crazy at just the sound of the packet!

    Ashleigh x

  3. Love this guide! It's such a fun idea. My cat is absolutely hooked on Dreamies too.


  4. I think it is a great idea to buy gifts for your pets after all they are part of your family too. The cat cottage looks good.

  5. I have seen pet Christmas gifts are getting more and more popular and why not they are loved just as much as other family members. Lovely gift guide

  6. We've just got kittens - what a useful list! I like the sound of that toy!

  7. Fab ideas. My sister in law is a big cat person. She'd love that cat cottage x

  8. I love it when people buy presents for their pets as they're such a huge part of some families x

  9. Awww, my cats would LOVE all of those gifts, especially that cat cottage, SO CUTE! I love the idea of MyPerfectGiftBox, that is such a great idea! Lovely post, thank you fro sharing. xx

  10. I know just the cat princess for that beautiful cat cottage.

  11. I don't have a cat, but we buy our dog christmas & birthday presents! Haha xo

  12. You have a very spoiled moggy :)

  13. This is fab! Our dogs never go without, even on birthdays!

  14. Omg I love these pet Christmas gift guides!!! We bought my cat a stocking with treats in it but I'm loving all of your suggestions too!!

  15. These are such great ideas and perfect timing as I was going to buy a little treat for my Brother's cats! xo


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