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6 Types of Men You Should Never Date

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Before you finally land a husband, you go through the series of dates with different men. It’s clear that you have your ideal husband in mind and every time you go out with a new guy you secretly hope that he’ll turn out to be the one. But very often, already on a first date, you realize that person is not your dream man. Although it’s usually recommended to have a second date in order to get to know the man better, some types of men simply don’t deserve your time. Dating experts from compiled a list of guys you should not waste your time with.

The insolvent one
The way a person reacts to different life situations can say much about his or her personality. Watch your date’s attitude to other people and you’ll realize what kind of person he is. There are many things that make us angry but we can control our emotions. If you see that your date talks back to a waiter who is late with the order or overhear him talking down to his colleague, run away from this guy. He will treat you in the same way soon.

The one just out of a relationship
He is back in the game but he hasn’t completely moved on after his recent unsuccessful relationship. People need some time after a breakup to get over it. This pause is necessary to analyze the relationship, make conclusions, and let it go. If you find out that your date was in a relationship and very little time has passed after a breakup, he might not be ready for a new relationship yet.

The workaholic
It’s difficult to deal with the person whose interests are tied only to his job. You’re probably looking for a versatile person because if a man is focused only on making money and thinks that it makes him an interesting personality, you’ll be bored and disappointed soon. A good boyfriend and a potential husband should have his passions and hobbies and have the life outside his office.

The player
You go out on dates because you want to find a future partner and he just finds it entertaining. He doesn’t plan anything serious because he’s totally absorbed in the dating game. If you want to figure the player out already on a first date, ask him something family-related, such as whether he plans to settle down one day and have kids. Watch his reaction to understand his true intentions.

The one with zero ambitions
It’s essential for any man to have a purpose in his life. This is what makes him the real man. If a guy doesn’t want to improve, lacks motivation, and doesn’t know what he wants, run away from him. He is already poisoning his own life so don’t let him ruin yours.

The one addicted to his family
Loving one’s family is a natural thing but if it’s an unhealthy dependency (either financial or emotional), it will have a disastrous effect on one’s future relationship. A family-dependent guy is looking not for a partner but for a mother or maid. It’s obvious that you want to be his number-one priority but he’ll always prioritize his family. So, avoid this kind of men as well as mother’s darlings who report everything to their moms.



  1. I feel like people often overlook how negative a relationship with a guy with zero goals really is.... great post!

    Katie |

  2. I am so pleased I'm married, I seriously can't imagine going back to the headache of dating! Mich x

  3. Such useful tips for myself! A newly single lass haha xo

  4. I'd agree with all these, haha! Also the over-keen ones who text you constantly after like two dates and freak out when you don't reply *straight away*... That's never gonna end well!

  5. All these tips are so on point, I always look for an ambitious person with hobbies and not just all about the money. I tend to shy away from mummy's boys

  6. Absolutely agree with this. And another one - the one who feels sorry/can relate to Ross Geller from friends. I has a thing (we weren't official) with a guy who could sympathise with Ross who is essentially a men's rights activist and felt like he was always the victim even when he upset me... NOT healthy!!

  7. A constant reminder that dating is so difficult! I don't know how I found my guy though as he fails at most of the criteria but somehow it works!

  8. Great post - I am single and would like companionship but not a full time partner! Kaz x

  9. I know all these types of men unfortunately. Finding someone who is as ambitious as me but still likes to have fun is quite hard to find and I am very picky.

  10. These are definitely true! I've been with a few of these but now I'm lucky enough to have someone who is just right :)


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