Friday, 11 November 2016

Beauty Tips for Autumn and Winter

The autumn and winter seasons are a great time to change up your look by getting new clothes for your closet, as well as new makeup for your face. Implementing the following easy beauty tips will help you make sure that you are always looking trendy, but make sure that you give your skin much-needed moisture first, especially if it tends to get dry when the temperature drops and you have to turn the heat on indoors.
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Dark Lipsticks
Dark lipstick colours are definitely trendy during the autumn and winter seasons. So while you may have preferred donning a pale pink lipstick in the summer when your skin was tan, now is the time to contrast your paler skin with a deep red or purple hue instead. These colours will make your lips look full, especially when you top them off with some gloss.

Metallic Eye Shadow Colours
Shimmery, metallic eye colours are trending for the autumn and winter season. These colours are a great way to draw attention to your eyes and really glam them up for any upcoming holiday party and special event. Choose from emerald greens, plums, coppers, and more. Start by applying the colour faintly to the corners of your eyes before boldly sweeping the colour across the lids. And if you want a really sultry night time look, add some smoky eye makeup to the mix. Don’t forget to curl your lashes and use a lengthening mascara to complete the look. 

Full Eyebrows
Gone are the days when thin eyebrows were trendy, so go ahead and let your brows grow in. But even if you can’t achieve the full, thick eyebrow look naturally, you can use a simple eyebrow kit to fill in your eyebrows and make them dramatic and beautiful. If you need help, go to a professional who can properly shape your brows and teach you how to fill them in perfectly with the right makeup kit. 

Darker Hair Colours
Autumn and winter are great seasons to also change up your look by achieving a new hair colour that you will love to show off. Opt for a chocolate brown colour, or if you want to stick with blonde, just tone it down so that it is a contrast to the bright blonde that is popular in the summer. A good blonde go-to for the fall and winter is golden honey. Another great option for anyone, especially if you are hoping to really change up your look, is a bold red hue, although a more subdued auburn brown could also work perfectly. Head to your stylist to get a trim so that you can remove dried ends, and then colour your hair at the salon or at home. 

By following the beauty tips above, you can easily achieve a beautiful look this autumn and this winter. Go ahead and put on your cosy clothes for these seasons, but make sure you complete your look by bringing the colours of the season into your makeup palette as well.


  1. Great tips here! I normally opt for a darker hair colour in the winter months

  2. I like the Makeup Revolution Vamp Collection Lipstick Black Heart the most. It looks really edgy, trendy and straight off the runway.

  3. Love dark lips come this time of year and definitely I step up the beauty regime come A/W xo

  4. Fab tips here. I love full eyebrows and dark lips.

  5. I'm loving dark lips at the moment as well - I'm sure it's an Autumn winter thing. Some fantastic tips btw - thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  6. love this post Ive already darkened my hair a shade for the winter :) k x

  7. Love love LOVE a dark lip shade! Golden brown eyes, and dark lips. :)

  8. Great tips! I love the colours in make up at this time of year!

  9. Dark lipsticks! I have always been one for darker lips but they never look right during spring and summer, so I am very happy that Autumn is here right now. Eyebrows is a new one for me since mine are very fair but I've been using the gimme brow by benefit to darken them and make them thicker. Looked odd on me but getting used to it.

  10. Great tips, I'm actually planning on darkening my hair soon to a nice chocolate brown.

  11. Loads of great tips, I'm looking at going for red hair this winter, just need to find a good one. x


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