Sunday, 27 November 2016

2017 Wedding Trends

Quite rightly, brides and grooms want their wedding to be flawless and fun for all involved. To help you create the wedding of your dreams, here are some key wedding trends of 2017.

Bridal Fashion

Even though we’ll still see a lot of white wedding gowns next year, salons are packing an increasing number of wedding dresses in all shades of pink and other pastel hues. Brides shouldn’t be afraid to show their true colours in 2017!

Brides interested in a more relaxed look will love the beachy bohemian look set to remain a hot trend. Many brides will be complimenting this look with a gorgeous crown braid rather than a flower crown. 

For shoes think lacy wedding shoes, peep-toe wedding shoes and of course the pearly white satin shoes. Brides interested in making a statement can opt for coloured wedding shoes, a perfect compromise if you want to include colour but aren’t quite willing to trade in the iconic white dress.

2017 Wedding Trends

The trend of having mismatched bridesmaids will be hot in 2017. Brides are advised to give a certain amount of free reign. Perhaps suggest a designer, a color palette, a fabric and provide some general guidelines to your bridesmaids and then let them choose a style of dress that flatters their body, fits their style and makes them look great. 

Say Goodbye To The After Party
Don’t worry, don’t say good bye completely! Just know that the trend in 2017 is to keep the same location for both the ceremony and the reception. This gives way to whole lot of wedding venue choices and allows the bride and groom to be as creative as they wish. 
Food & Drink

We’ll see an increase in sustainable catering in 2017. Wedding food that is prepared from local homegrown ingredients will be sourced out by many new brides and grooms, keeping a little of the traditional ‘home town’ feel despite the venue or location choice. 

Creative catering will also be a big trend. From original food trucks to innovative ways of presenting desserts or appetizers, let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to surprise your guests with the food you offer and the way it is presented.

Author bio - Molly Jones 

Molly is a Marketing assistant at Pink Paradox London. Molly has always been interested in fashion, specifically shoes, and regularly writes content for both Pink Paradox and Benjamin Adams. 

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  1. I like the idea of one location for wedding and reception. My brother and his wife did that for their wedding last year and it was epic

  2. Some great ideas! I love the idea of mismatched bridesmaids!

  3. I like how quite a few people these days are deciding not to wear white. I've always thought colored wedding dresses look a lot better than white x

  4. This sounds so beautiful! I think the idea of keeping everything under one venue sounds so much more convenient. I've always loved a white dress myself, but seen some gorgeous pastel dresses over the years.

  5. The shoes look so pretty, love the lace detail. Very girly and perfect for a wedding.

  6. It all sounds so lovely. I can't see myself getting married again! Kaz x

  7. I've been noticing a lot of these trends at the weddings I've attended recently - love the idea of relaxed bohemian brides :)

  8. I'd much prefer to have everything in the same venue too!

  9. I'm loving the shoes, they're so pretty! And I think it's a good idea doing everything in the same venue :)

  10. Those shoes are stunning - I cannot wait for my daughter to get married and help her choose her dress and shoes


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