Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Save Money buying your wishlist!

Like most beauty bloggers I have a wishlist of products I want to try that gets longer rather than shorter and on that list is everything from eye cream and hair masks to lipsticks and cushion foundations. Whenever I see something new I quite like or have read another blog post about a product I think I will like, I save it to a list which is stored on my laptop so I don't forget about it.
Debenhams Wishlist

I like to think I am quite a savvy when it comes to finding the best prices and do use one or two sites to try and find the best value for money, be it free delivery, 10% off or even a £10 spend off a £50 order. Sometimes just one quick search can save you money. 

Sites such as  Ministry of Deals are incredibly helpful, it lists codes from all different kinds of sources, even those that conventional discount websites do not check such as social media sites including Facebook & Twitter, newsletters from the retailers direct, plus many more. On the left hand side there is always a column to alert you t the most recent discounts and then with a big search bar, you can enter the site that you wish to purchase items from, whether that is Debenhams, Tesco or even Space NK it will search for you and bring about the latest discounts.  
What I also like is that even if there are no discounts at that time, there might very well be a timely reminder that there are other offers available such as 25% extra with a flower order (this has been very useful of late), free delivery on a certain day or that there is a clearance sale on and I had missed it. You can also search for items based on their category to cut down the number of items which might come through with or without a discount.

I use this site quite a lot and it is bookmarked as one of my favourite sites, it is easy to use without being flashy and with a billion pop-ups coming in from everywhere. There are no fancy graphics and hidden links which take you on a tour of the internet, essentially what you see is what you get and then some. It loads quickly and if you find the item you are looking for, it will take directly to the item, regardless of which store it is for sale on or in. It is stress free, hassle free bargain hunting on one screen!

Do you use money saving sites?

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  1. This made me chuckle - one of my tactics to avoid bankrupting myself is to not write down my wish list in the hope that I'll forget I wanted half of it in the first place! :) I usually have a little search around for a discount before I buy online so will give this site a go next time.

    Gemma x | www.flutterandsparkle.com

  2. This website sounds very good. I use similar sites to.

  3. This sounds like a great site, I'll have to start using it.

  4. Really great tip.. But unfortunately I don't live in America :(

  5. I always look for coupons and discount codes. Off to check out Ministry of Deals

  6. Ohhh great idea and lovely website! My wish list is huge so any savings that can be had, I'm very grateful! xx

  7. Had a good perve over the Ministry of Deals site - great heads up as I'm always looking for deals - wherever I shop!

  8. Oooh I have not heard of ministry of deals! Popping over now to have a nosy!

  9. I've just shared this with my newsletter subscribers as well - so again, thanks for highlighting the site.

  10. I do love money saving sites, not heard of this one

  11. I never heard of Ministry of deal before. Sound awesome. xx


  12. I haven't heard of this website, but I do always look for online discounts or use student discount before shopping.


  13. Ah this sounds handy, always good to save a few pennies where we can! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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